Farming in Late Summer – Unexpected Tasks

Posted by mikelanger on Oct 05, 2017
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Though it may not be obvious to a beginning farmer or an outside observer, farming requires year-round diligence beyond planting in spring and harvesting in fall. In between what are typically thought of as busy times, there are countless tasks throughout the seasons required to keep a farm running smoothly, crops flourishing, and the landscape well-tended.

As late summer hits, what kinds of activities might be done before harvest time that you might not have thought of? For one, mowing roadsides and other overgrown areas. For everything from weed management, to preventing safety hazards, to simple aesthetics, mowing roadsides and overgrown areas is typically considered an essential task.

If you’re dealing with rough terrain, consider a stump jumper for your rotary cutter. A stump jumper will help you accomplish this task without damage to your rotary mower parts and rotary mower blades. So check your agricultural supply store’s rotary parts catalog for a suitable stump jumper for sale.

Speaking of rotary parts, stump jumpers, and other equipment, part of saying goodbye to one season and preparing for the next is cleaning, maintenance, and proper storage of your equipment. It’s much easier and a lot more convenient to address any possible repairs or concerns now, rather than in the field when equipment breaks down or malfunctions during a busy time.

You can practice the same preventative mindset with your landscape. A bit of effort now will make the chore of tending the landscape a breeze next spring. With the right rotary mower parts, you can clear and beautify rough, dense areas much more easily.

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