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Posted by ali on Feb 13, 2018
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More and more people choose an infographic to share information in a clear, schematic and visual way. The boom of social networks such as Flickr, Pinterest or Instagram, added to the fact that an image always has more impact than a text, causes any company, be it of any kind, tend to use infographics to share content, even better if we count with a graphic designer that makes clear the look and feel of the brand as well as the philosophy of the company in the scheme.
If we focus on the definition of Wikipedia, "the infographic is a form of visual representation of objects and / or events in which a description, story or process in a graphic manner and interacting with texts". An infographic, in essence, is a way of offering information through a schematic presentation that summarizes data, explaining them through simple graphics. Thus, the user can understand them and assimilate them in a faster way. Feras Antoon
What are the advantages of using infographics?
In addition to the one that we have already pointed out, there are other advantages in the use of infographics to provide information of companies to their followers:
- The audience assimilates more information in less time, thanks to its schematic nature.
- If we dedicate ourselves to teaching, infographics allow students to develop cognitive functions (evaluate, analyze and represent information).
- In companies and organizations, infographics build brand image. They are a very powerful marketing tool.

Steps to create a good infographic
The keys to make a good infographic, to provide our followers with the information they want about our brand or company, or how to do some work, are to know well the topic that is going to be treated and also to whom the information is directed. It is good to make an outline of previous steps before sharing the infographic.
1 - Choice of theme
It seems absurd to raise it, but you must specify the theme of the infographic itself before you start to design it. We can talk about the results of the organization, a complete study topic, how to use one of our products or services or any other topic related to our company. We can also make an infographic focusing on one of the trends of the moment on the Internet. Thus, we will get more traffic for our website, as it will be a great way to attract users to our brand. To be aware of web search trends in real time, you can use tools such as Google Trends or RSS readers like Feedly or Flipboard. And for more information about the making tools of infographics, you can get recommendation given by Feras Antoon.
2 - Know the audience
This is common for any communicative process. For making communication effective, we must know our receiver; it is the only way. Therefore, once the subject is chosen, we have to think about who will be interested in the infographic, thus determining the style and the form that should be given to it. Feras Antoon
Final goal
We must also think about the final goal we want to achieve with design: is it to get more followers in our social media profiles? To publicize a product as a promotional element? Do we want it to be shared and become viral? For each objective, we will choose the type of infographic that best suits our needs:

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