How To Pack The Perfect Picnic

Posted by mikkie mills on Mar 09, 2018
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Whether you're planning a romantic date with your partner outdoors or a family reunion lunch in the park, you can't go wrong with a special picnic! This friendly activity puts you at ease with nature and allows plenty of space for sports in the grass and time to relax.


Before you pack your basket, there are a few things to consider when planning the perfect picnic. This leisurely break takes just a couple steps to make sure your day is stress free and fun! Ensure a good time by following these steps.


  1. Don't Forget the Accessories!


No matter how hungry you are, you'll want to be civilized too! Invest in a snazzy set of paper plates and cutlery that can be easily packed and tossed away in a proper receptacle after your meal.


Looking for an easier lunch outside? Most take-out places provide ready-to-eat packaging and cutlery upon your request. Napkins are definitely necessary to clean any messes. You may want to think about keychain cutlery to bring a picnic wherever you go.


  1. Make Sure You Quench Your Thirst


You're sure to get thirsty eating outside. Save space with water bottles and milk cartons that can be enhanced with flavors. Coconut milk powder adds a perfect boost of nutrition and protein to your beverage while energy drink packets let you go for a fun game of Frisbee after eating.


Consider a pitcher of juicy sangria or a bottle of wine for an adult drink if you're planning on eating light. These tasty thirst quenchers are truly romantic with a disk of cheese, crackers, and grapes. Don't forget the glasses!


  1. Always Check the Weather and Your Destination


Although you may feel adventurous, it's important to find a spot you trust to have your picnic. National parks generally have designated picnic areas away from disturbing wildlife and hiking crowds. You'll need to bring some bug spray during the humid seasons and possibly move your spot if the ants come marching!


Plan a picnic during the spring but be sure to check your weather forecast in case of rain. A summer picnic is ideal if the sun isn't beaming too hot on your friends and family (wear sunscreen!) Additionally, you may need to pack extra layers for a fall picnic. Make sure your event is early to mid-afternoon so you can enjoy the sunlight and the company of others without getting too cold, overheated, or cranky from exhaustion.


  1. Be Considerate of your Guests


Has your partner been hinting about a surprise picnic date? Feel free to wow them with a packed lunch and a romantic getaway for the afternoon! For other guests, an impromptu picnic may not be ideal.


A family outing requires planning and coordinating schedules. Be sure to check up on dietary needs and any food allergies before getting the group together. No on wants an allergy shot in the middle of the day!


A Picnic Can be the Connection You Need


A picnic makes a great family reunion, celebratory date, or just a day out with friends. The classic plan of enjoying a meal together in the beauty of nature is sure to be a hit with your guests and make a celebration to remember, no matter how casual.


Make it traditional with a checkered blanket, wicker basket, and tasty sides to savor in the sun. Be sure to take in the setting and the memories you make during this special day. Bon appetit!

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