Glittery Pumpkin Decor

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This exquisite deco project combines easy-to-follow steps with glamorous ideas to create the perfect decoration items to match any home style. The materials you need in order to create these colorful orbs are nothing more than a handful of glitter, a spray adhesive and some space for you to go wild without worrying too much about staining your floor or clothes.
Courtesy of the Malvern Cleaning agency, the how-to guide features three basic steps. Simple as one-two-three, this wonderful project makes it easy for any craft-newbie to jump straight forward into the world of re-purposing. So if you have some glitter on hand and you think your home lacks glam elegance, don't hesitate to try this tutorial out!

Source: Tutorial Courtesy of Cleaning Malvern 3144 | Professional Cleaners

Step 1

1: Apply the adhesive on the pumpkin

Make sure you don't leave any spot dry, otherwise, the glitter won't stay long on your freshly-made deco items.

Step 2

2: Cover the pumpkins in glitter

This is as simple as it sounds... all you need to do is sprinkle the glitter on the already sprayed pumpkins and leave them to dry somewhere outside.

Step 3

3: You are ready to arrange your decoration elements

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