DIY Fairy Garden With The Kids

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Wondering what your next DIY project should be? Take advantage of the beautiful Spring weather and delve into a magical Fairy Garden creation with your kids. This project will actively encourage your children's imagination and creativity, and will also liven up your Spring garden, or bring some magic to your indoor space. It's easy to make, and you have plenty of room to improvise.
Source: With special thanks to my favourite cleaners in Melbourne, who help me keep my house and garden clean and tidy after each project of mine.

Step 1

You'll need:
- A rather big flower pot
- Spring flowers
- Moss
- Succulents
- Wooden sticks
- Thread
- Miniature figures (you get bonus points if they are fairytale characters)
- Any other cute and colourful decorations you can find at home.

Step 2

Start By Decorating The Flower Pot
First, upgrade the flower pot. If it's ceramic, then paint it in a bright, cheerful colour, or something mysterious if you're going for the "Enchanted Forest" look. You can take it further by sticking small ornaments on the outside, like seashells, peculiar rocks, or colourful beards.

Step 3

Planting Stage
Fill the pot with fertile, rich soil. Plant the flowers. Two to three will be enough, you'll need space for the fairy tail décor after all. You can add a couple of succulents like Aloe Vera, or Echeveria. Add some moss, you can even create miniature hills with it for your fairy characters.

Step 4

Assembling the Fairy Garden
Start by creating the décor. Assemble small benches, or miniature structures from wooden sticks, you can take from fallen branches. Create palaces or forest cottages, mighty fortresses or magic sanctuaries. Use little rocks to create paved paths. Little colourful glass jars, or bottles have an especially magical look. Unleash your creative vision and create a magical fairy land.

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