4 Ways to get funding to start a Handmade Crafts Business

Posted by on May 06, 2016


If you are a crafty or art-driven person, making a bit of extra money with a craft business may be a good idea.

Materials: If you are a crafty or art-driven person, making a bit of extra money with a craft business may be a good idea. It is always a good idea to put talent to use and capitalize from it. It is best to make sure that there is a demand for your type of products first, especially locally. Once you have interest in your products, offer a few for free and ask for a fair review in return. This helps spread the word about your business at no real cost to you, except for materials and product shipping.

Attend Local Craft Shows

On the weekends, before launching your brick and mortar or Internet business, attend a few local craft shows. You can earn some money here to reinvest immediately into the new business. Local craft shows help you build a client base to support your local business revenue. Once you are successful locally, you can build up to moving toward national and/or global status.

Enter Into a Joint Venture Agreement

Take on a joint venture agreement with a partner that simply supplies funding. The investor would be repaid over time plus interest and a percentage of your profits from their initial investment. This is similar to a loan but does not require a background check. There should be a legally binding contract in place. If either party defaults, the contract can be upheld in a small claims or civil court.

Obtain a Personal Loan

If you do not have an unlimited supply of money or good credit, you may think that starting a handmade crafts business is impossible. There are lenders available for people with poor credit, like www.ukhomeandpersonalloans.co.uk for example, that can help you. It is ideal to apply for loans with the companies that suit your needs the most. In some cases, you may be required to have a co-signer or some type of collateral to secure a loan. If you have only a few small items on your credit report, you are likely to be approved for a high-risk unsecured personal loan. With you being in high-risk status a higher interest rate often applies.

Maintain a Regular Job

Do not quit your day job until your handmade crafts business makes at least 3 times your monthly expenses for a consecutive 9 – 12 month period. This establishes your business and allows you time to build up a savings to sustain your household and your business. It may be hectic to run a business and work a regular job, but when you can leave your employer and work solely for yourself, the hard work will all be worth it. Starting a handmade crafts business takes many steps. Ensuring that you are properly funded is a proper place to start. Even when you do not have good credit or many valuable items to sell, you can still get off of the ground floor with a bad credit personal loan. Determination and smart marketing techniques will help your new business succeed and build a good reputation.

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