5 DIY Tips for Making Your Own Wedding Dresses

Posted by on May 14, 2018


Have you dreamed of making your own wedding dress?


You are not alone. Many brides chose to sew their own dress for their big day. Taking on this sewing project can feel overwhelming. Here are the 5 top tips for making your own dress.

  1. Try On Wedding Dresses

Before you go to the fabric store, head to a bridal store where you can try on a few wedding dresses, says Winnie, the creative director of national chain of high-end wedding attire boutiques Winnie Couture.

This will give you a good idea of what cuts and fabrics look best on you. Take someone you can trust with you to get another opinion.

  1. Be Realistic About Your Abilities

If you are planning to make a self-sewn wedding gown part of your special day, be realistic about your abilities. Not just about your sewing skills, but there are other things to consider when choosing to take on DIY projects for your wedding.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. How much time do I have to make the dress before the wedding?
  2. Can I hire a seamstress to help me if needed?
  3. What will I do if the style doesn’t turn out the way I intended?

It is important to have a backup plan if you are not able to do what you intended.

  1. Make a Test Dress

Once you have chosen a pattern, make a test dress out of cheaper material. This way, you won’t ruin your expensive fabric. A test gown will give you the insight you need to make the final version the right way.

While making a test version will take time, it can save you a lot of time, money and frustration in the long run. You will know if the pattern looks right on you and if you cut it to fit your body.

  1. Buy The Material

Not all white material is created equal. You need to go to a fabric store that sells formal fabrics. As Jennie from Sewing Machine Finder recommends, always ask the sales associate to give you guidance about your purchase. Generally speaking, these associates have sewing experience and they can answer your questions.

Also, you should buy the embellishments you want to go on your dress. This can include:

  • Beaded bodice
  • Lace
  • Ribbon
  • Lose beads
  • Fabric flowers
  • Sequins
  1. Make The Final Version Of Your Dress

Once you have made the test dress and bought the material, you are ready to make the final version. Take your time and double check all of your cuts. If you get in a rush, you could potentially ruin your dress.

According to survey conducted by Top10WeddingVendors.com, 23% of the brides go for DIY wedding dress. They expand by stating that brides decide to go that route because they want to look unique, contrary to a common belief of not being able to afford the gown.

Therefore, putting together a DIY wedding gown is very special. These tips should help you ease the stress of making your own dress.

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