Cleaning the Most Stubborn Spots from Your Carpet/Rug

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Spilled wine on the carpet, oil stains, natural stains and other types of stains can be very difficult to remove when not treated immediately. But you shouldn't give up on your carpet straight away. There is hope. Even the most stubborn stains can get out if you are stubborn too. You only need a couple of tools and products and the right methods to deal with the problem. Want to know how you can get rid of the most stubborn spots on your rug or carpet? Follow this advice.
The two most common types of stubborn stains are those caused by drinks and those caused by wax or gum. Here is how to tackle them.
Method 1:
This method is suitable for oil stains or stains caused by drinks.
Things you'll need:
-Spray bottle
-Steam iron
-Clean washcloth/rag
-White vinegar
Start by preparing a solution of water and vinegar. You need two parts water and one part vinegar. Mix them in a clean spray bottle and shake well so that the vinegar dissolves into the water.
Then moisten a clean rag with water and put it over where the spot is. Turn your steam iron on, wait for it to get hot and don't forget to press the steam button. You need to go over the rag several times. You can even let the iron sit over the rag for a few seconds (be careful not to scorch the rag, though, or the carpet!) It will help pull up the stain. The hot steam will actually dissolve the spot and then the rag will absorb it. Before you know it, the stain will move from your carpet to the rag. You may need to repeat these steps in order to get rid of some very stubborn stains.
Note: instead of using a solution of vinegar and water, you can also opt for hydrogen peroxide. Pour a small amount of the liquid straight on the affected area, then place a rag over it and follow the steps mentioned above. Easy breezy.
Method 2:
This method is suitable for gum and wax stains.
Things you'll need:

-Ice cubes
-Clean white cloth
-Blunt knife or spoon
-More clean rags/cloths (thin)
What's interesting about removing those stains is that here it's exactly the opposite to the first method. You need to freeze the stain (gum or wax) so that you can make it disappear. How is it done? Wrap a couple of ice cubes in a clean cloth. Rub the cubes on the stain to harden it. The next step is to take a blunt knife and scrape off the wax/gum from the carpet.
A carpet cleaning company in Kensington says that sometimes this method may not manage to get all of the stain out. Here is what you can do about it. After you peel as much of the wax/gum as possible from the carpet, vacuum the affected area to get rid of any bits that you might have left in the fibres.
Turn the iron on but make sure you leave it on the lowest setting. It needs not be too hot. While you wait for the iron to get warm, place a white rag, cloth or paper towel over the affected area. The reason you need it white is that any other colour may spread the stain further. Then iron the cloth/rag/paper towel for a while. Be sure to move the iron in circular motions so as not to burn the carpet.
If you still notice wax/gum pieces on the carpet after you do this, repeat the procedure as many times as necessary (the part with the iron especially).

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  • Cleaning the Most Stubborn Spots from Your Carpet/Rug
  • Cleaning the Most Stubborn Spots from Your Carpet/Rug

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