DIY Doormat

Posted by on Apr 04, 2016


First make your stencil, then measure the doormat. After that cut the card down. Let it be 1.5cm smaller than you doormat. Draw the scalloped edge of the biscuit which should be wide about 2cm. Measure out 3cm intervals between these marks. Draw you writing in the centre of your stencil, let it be as big as you want. When you outline it, you are ready to cut out the letters. It's better to make them 1cm wide so you can easily cut them out. Now, lets cut out the stencil! Use a scalpel to cut out the lettering. You can easily cut out the the scalloped outline using scissors. Then just put the stencil over your doormat and start spraying. Let the pain dry and it is ready to use.
This doormat is ideal for your office. It will give a fresh start of the day by infusing positive energy.
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Materials: coir doormat, black spray paint, large piece of card, scalpel & cutting mat, scissors, ruler, pencil, newspaper

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