Family Time Fun DIY Craft Projects

Posted by on Jan 24, 2018


Say goodbye to boring rainy days, dull birthday parties, and humdrum game nights. Instead, create memorable moments with kid-friendly DIY craft projects. From button frames to sun catchers, these crafty ideas offer something for all to enjoy.

1. Masking Effect

Tape and creativity are all you need to bring ideas to life. With these masking tape projects, adults collaborate with kids to create their own little worlds.

  • Tapigami: Roll tape into playful shapes to form letters, flowers, and animals.
  • Artwork: Children love creating works of art with poster board and colored masking tape.
  • Figurines: Wrap newspaper in colored tape to create stick people, dinosaurs, and trees.

2. Cool Jars

Substitute game night for an evening of DIY mason jar crafts. DIYers of all ages will love loading mason jars with their favorite things.

  • Candy Jars: Pack jars with sweet treats and let kids paint patterns on them.
  • Snow Globes: Glue figurines to the jar’s lid. Fill the container with water and a drop of glycerin and add glitter. After the glue dries, fasten the top and turn the jar upside down.
  • Terrarium: During family strolls, parents hold mason jars and let children scoop dirt, and find rocks and plants. Arrange as desired, and put it on display.

3. Cloth Creations

Those in search of sleepover and rainy day activities will find joy creating projects from cloth. Whether it’s a scrap of felt or a plain white tee, the following projects will spark the imagination.

  • Felt: Cut felt pieces into letters and let kids arrange them to spell words and names and hang them on a wall.
  • Fleece Fabric: Create a no-sew fleece blanket. Trim two pieces of fleece to size and snip a corner from each side. Cut slits around the edges and tie the fringes together.
  • Cotton: Design colorful t-shirts with permanent markers. Place a piece of cardboard inside a tee and draw to your heart's content. When finished, drip rubbing alcohol from a dropper and watch the colors merge, creating a tie-dye effect.

4. Bead Designs

Everyone will want to get in on the fun with these DIY party pleasers. Not only are these projects a delight to create, they make great gifts, too.

  • Friendship Bracelets: Design bracelets with alphabet beads to spell names and emotions.
  • Sun Catchers: Let kids thread translucent beads through a wire. When the kids finish, adults use pliers to twirl the ends to slip a piece of ribbon through the top for hanging.
  • Key Chains: Gather elastic cord, a clip, and beads to create customized key chains. Kids can attach them to backpacks and adults can put them on their key ring.

5. Bountiful Buttons

Banish boredom with savvy button crafts. The colorful disks come in handy at birthday parties and on cold, winter days. Indulge in hours of joy with the button crafts below.

  • Frames: Jazz up picture frames and showcase your favorite photos.
  • Flowers: Help kids thread wire through buttons to design a flower bouquet.
  • Jewelry: Place a stack of buttons on the table at your kid’s birthday party and watch little faces light up as they create rings and bracelets.

6. Channel Picasso

Draw tots and teens to the table to customize umbrellas, sneakers, and book bags. The nylon and canvas items are perfect for unleashing creativity.

  • Umbrellas: Transform a plain umbrella into a colorful scene with flowers and rays of the sun.
  • Sneakers: Revitalize a pair of sneakers with colorful zigzags and other lively patterns.
  • Book Bags: Personalized book bags and totes by painting children’s names and favorite characters on them.
Materials: Multiple. Listed above.

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