Have You Seen These New Amazing Apps?

Posted by on Jul 31, 2015


If you haven’t, you are losing – big time. Do not miss the chance to use the full potential of your mobile phone with our review by http://theappsolutions.com of latest, top-notch, sophisticated apps. You will enjoy using your device much more once they’re installed!
1. Google Keep
Now you can finally organize all your notes! In fact, you can even make them on the go while dictating things to your device. Oh, this sweet moment of inspiration! Mind you, you don’t necessarily have to use Google Keep for daily notes – you can even write a book with it! The app is pre-installed on the latest Android versions and can be easily installed free of charge.
2. Inputting+
Tired of making mistakes while typing on your Android device and not quite content with the means provided to correct them? With Inputting+ you will have extra tools to boost your literacy. When you enable this app, it will give you a chance to handle the text you type – copy, paste, undo, etc. To start correcting, you will only have to tap a small circle that appears every time you type something.
3. Vine
Make your videos and send them to social networks at once! With Vine, it will be easier than ever. Make your own movie and watch what others have to show!
4. Spotify
Okay, you must know this one, but it is still worth mentioning. Spotify is a valuable resource of audio tracks which offers offline options as well.
5. Evernote
Organize your busy life with this cool app! It allows you to take notes, make photos and audio records, create to-do lists and do everything else you might need for a better organized everyday life.
6. Pushbullet
Synchronize your phone and computer! With this app, you will receive all notifications from your mobile straight to your PC. No need to reach for your smartphone every time it vibrates. The app is available free of charge.
7. Periscope
Periscope is a Twitter video streaming app. Imagine how cool it is – videos instead of dull words, which you can reply within 24 hours. You can make your own videos, watch the videos of your friends, comment and like the content you liked. The app is available free of charge.
8. Google Photos
Unlimited storage of visual content – images and videos – free of charge. There are also basic editing tools to improve and merge your photos, making exciting collages and filling your photo album with amazing shots.
9. Uber
It’s time for an enhanced taxi service! Available in over 50 countries, Uber is an app that will make the process of finding a cab much easier and convenient, also providing several payment options.
10. TuneIn Radio Pro

What would you say about having over 100,000 radio stations available for you? Sounds great? Then get TuneIn Radio Pro and you will never run out of tunes to listen to!
These are top hottest apps of 2015. Hopefully, soon we will see more cool applications that will make mobile use even more pleasant. Stay tuned!

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