How to Have an Origami Wedding

Posted by on Apr 12, 2017


Your wedding is a landmark event that you have always dreamed of since you were young – or at least after he slipped the ring on your finger. Regardless, you will have to make critical decisions from the first day you send out invites to the day you send Thank You cards. Why not bring in something few have seen into your wedding – a bit of origami.


If you are worried about how much the bridal invitation will cost, just sit down with your girlfriends and craft origami decorations. Having pre-marriage jitters? Origami art is a great way to sooth your nerves as you fold paper, creating beautiful models. Here are some fun ways to add the art to your wedding.


Wedding Hearts

No wedding is complete without love, and hearts are the universal sign for affection. Origami offers you a huge selection of hearts that you can glue to cards or walls. There are also 3D heart-shaped objects – the Lucky Heart – that can be scattered on your tables as part of the decoration or even used as party favors.


To get your creative juices flowing, consider printing the names of the bride and groom on the hearts, and you are good to go. Add some paper heart-shaped chains that are not only affordable, but low-key.


Party Favors

Adding a paper crane that balances on top of the champagne flute infuses a special personal touch while lucky stars look great inside glass containers. You can use various boxes decorated with decorative paper as placeholders for your chocolate wedding favors and candles.


When choosing an origami box, go for the Masu box that is easy to make and adds a great authentic touch to the space. While the Magazine box is relatively easy to make, its design does not come off as much as that of the Masu box.


Invitation, Place and Thank You Cards

Glue an origami flower or crane to the place card’s side and impress your guests. Incorporating origami in Thank You and Invitation cards can be difficult since you have to send these in the mail. Consider ins folding or tea bag folding paper art form, which are best for creating such cards.



The world of origami is awash with flowers that can decorate your wedding. You can go for the traditional models show off really nicely; for example origami roses. A favorite for many people is the Kawasaki rose.


You can place origami flowers on your dress or hair. Have them arranged to create a beautiful boutonniere or corsage, or have them as centerpieces or in a bouquet. In other words, you can use them anywhere you would use real flowers, and they would still turn out great, if not better.



In Asian culture and history, cranes have a special place since they symbolize good health and longevity. Cranes mate for life and both sexes work together at building their nest, thus the perfect symbol to include in your wedding decorations. Folding a thousand paper cranes is said to fulfill your heart’s desire!



In Chinese culture, two butterflies flying together symbolize love. In Japan, “Mecho,” a female butterfly, and “Ocho,” a male butterfly, are common paper decorations in many weddings that are believed to represent love and everything beautiful associated with matrimonial life.

Origami is a very elegant art form with many applications. Add a bouquet of flowers here, a crane there, a few butterflies and hearts, and professionals such as this wedding videographer Atlanta based team will help the creations last forever in your hearts and memories by shooting your wedding. There are so many models in the art form that are perfect for weddings, and there are even more origami paper colors that will match your special day’s color theme.

Materials: paper

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