Know the Fundamentals of Paper Cutting Techniques and Tools

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Paper cutting is undoubtedly a wonderful form of art.

Materials: One can create almost everything from the simple graphic designs to the incredibly designed 3D images. In the tutorial provided below, you’ll surely find out all techniques as well as tools that you need in order to start making your own paper cuts.

Essential tools for Paper cutting

A cutting Mat

Cutting mats are indeed among the essentials to safeguard your table. It will be best if you can get the largest one. Getting a large mat can enable you to have sufficient working space. It may become awkward or daunting to prepare your paper cut on a small mat.

Metal Ruler

Plastic rulers are undoubtedly the best for drawing and measuring. But in case you try to make the cuts along them with scalpel, you’ll surely end up shaving the chunks off the ruler. The metal ruler enables you to cut a straight and nice line.


Most of the people create wonderful paper cuts freehand, without even drawing them. But perfecting the design is indeed a great fun. Hence, it’s always better to use a pencil. The other products that should be used for making the paper cuts include scalpel, blades, paper as well as backing materials.

Basic Paper cutting techniques

Transferring your design

The initial technique in paper cutting usually includes creating the mirror image of the design so that you can easily work from the paper’s backside. Cutting from behind always provides your paper cut the clean as well as crisp look and enables to disguise the imperfections. Even when you draw and then cut the design on the paper’s front side, it becomes difficult to rub the lines without causing any damage to the delicate paper cut. Hence, always consider using the pencil to draw the designs and make sure to use thick and bold lines. Place the tracing paper on the opposite side of the cutting paper. Consider using the masking tape for holding the paper cut in place. Scribble over the lines of the design with pencil. Gently remove your tracing paper and then reveal the design. You might feel to go over certain lines with the pencil in order to make them prominent. You will get the mirror image of the design on reverse of the cutting paper. It would be the appropriate way round when observed from the front.

Cutting straight and curved lines

Work on mirror images which you’ve created. However, you should know, for straight lines, the best way out is to use metal ruler. Whereas, for the curved lines, it would be best if, rather than the scalpel, you move your paper around. Consider using the reversed design in order to guide the cutting. Remember to cut close as much as you can on both the sides of the pencil line.

Now that you are aware of techniques and tools that are needed, start practicing cutting the simple shapes as well as lines. Read the article thoroughly if you are keen to prepare yourself for creating beautiful paper cuts.

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