Phases through Which Apps Undergo to See the World

Posted by on Sep 23, 2016


App development is a powerful business that is not going to stop the engine. $10 billion as an annual revenue leaves nothing more to say. Small businesses rely on apps in order to become influential and attract more users. It sounds promising but to achieve it one must remove many hurdles on the way to success. The biggest challenge is to develop an app with the help of that will stand out among countless number of similar products. It seems that there can’t be anything new to impress a customer, experienced developers manage to promote greater ideas with simple navigation system and 100% utility rate.
Ask Yourself Why You Need to Develop an App
Provide clear answers to the following questions:
• what purpose do you want to achieve with an app-to-be?
• which app element will be crucial for your business to gain traction?
• will your product offer services or will it be used as an ecommerce platform?
• do you need social media marketing?
• will you hire an app develop or you will DIY?
Answer the questions with sober reasoning and be prepared to express your opinion to a preferred app developer once you have decided to hire him. Sketch a plan according to which you will embark on carrying out your task.
Check Your App to Get Approval
Review guidelines for your app’s submission. For Apple it comprises:
• the Apple Watch Human Interface Guidelines;
• iOS Human Interface Guidelines;
• App Store Revie Guidelines.
For Android it is the Android launch checklist. Realize Google Play policies and agreements in order to test your app’s content rating. Be sure that your app matches the maximum size demands. It is 100 MB on Google Play. Once your app is bigger use APK expansion files that are hosted on Google Play service for free. If your app happens to fail with Apple and Google guidelines confirmation it will postpone the approval process.
Introduce Your Product to a Packed App Market
The optimizing process of Mobile Apps determines their place in an app’s store. The higher your rank is the more traffic you will get. App Store Optimization needs an understanding of your audience to be situated higher. Certainly, it depends on keywords your customer will be using. If your business is famous, brand name will help you promote your app. Position is search results will lure more customers that will be reflected on your revenue. Small businesses are found in Google Play thanks to customers who look for things which are connected with your products and services.
Try to Promote Your ASO and Download Number
Title & Link help boost your product once you have placed the most important keywords in your title. Approach this issue with mathematical precision and investigate relevant keywords that target audience might use to find you. Concentrate on 2-3 keywords or a key phrase that is the most meaningful. Include a download link on your site or in an email footer.
If you cherish your business don’t spare time, efforts and money to develop a really useful application. If you feel not sure about your programming skills it is better to hire a real pro that will turn your site into second to none website! Otherwise, a bad product will undermine your business credibility. Stay focused on your app development from the first day for it to be approved timely. Don’t think that your app will be downloaded just after its approval. Once you have reached maximum visibility it will launch downloading campaign. The right strategy will make you reap fruit in a while.

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