Tips to Make Moving Day Run as Smooths as Possible

Posted by on Jul 21, 2017


Picking your moving date is probably the most important date that you will need to consider

Materials: Picking your moving date is probably the most important date that you will need to consider when you have decided to locate to Manhattan. Any doctor or researcher will tell you thatstudies show that this is one of the most stressful days in your life.


So, to help it be better you need to take you time in planning. Having to move immediately – all I can say is “good luck”. It is important that you have enough time to take care of all the little details that need to be handled – such as finding your apartment or home to lease. In case you don’t know this, rent in New York City will be much more than you expected – yes, I can tell you that the rent in New York City is outrageous.

Summer is not the best time

Hopefully you will be in a situation where you can plan and have time on your side. Also, there are seasons which are better for moving – summer for a moving company especially Dumbo moving New York NYC is the busiest time of the year. But if this is the only time for you to move – start planning as much as you can and be forewarned - summer will cost you more. Now, moving during the winter seems to be the cheapest time of the year. Having a moving date between September and May will probably be most convenient for your bank account.

Schedule your move for mid-week or month

Another tip is to avoid overcrowded streets and find movers at a good price; you need to think about scheduling your move for during the middle of the week or the 2nd half of the month.

Lease comes before picking movers

Also, you need to have a lease signed before picking a moving company and a moving date. You are going to have to be organized to make all this work; moving date, lease, moving out and moving in – must be like a well-timed ballet performance. There is no room for a mistake.

School or new job

If the first day of school or at a new job is already decided this will help you with your moving day decision. If you have at least that one date – you can plan everything else around it.

Packing kitchen and dining ware

Kitchen and dining ware is better if it is packed by someone who is a professional as these items need to be done very carefully to avoid any damaged china or glassware. Most moving companies like NYC Manhattan movers from Dumbo have people that will do this for you and unpack these boxes at your new place.

Have everything ready to go

A moving company crew would never tell you this but everything is much easier on the movers when they get to your old home that you have finished packing everything. This way they can make their plan for packing the truck and get started. If they must wait around for you to finish packing, that is costing time – and as everyone knows “time is money”. You might want to have a box of donuts there so everyone including your family will start the day with some type of breakfast.

Things not to pack

The movers do not have the time to worry about valuables on moving day as they already have enough to do. So, don’t pack items such as:

• Cash

• Jewelry

• Prescription medications

When items such as these three come up missing, they want to be clear of the possibility of accusations that are false.

Other tips

There are some other tips for packing and getting everything ready for moving day. Start packing early so you can take your time. Pack each room separately and mark each moving box with the room it belongs in and what is contained in the box. Mark fragile if they have items that are.

Out of the way

Leave these packed boxes up against the wall of the room they belonged to. This makes sure they are not blocking the pathway or doorway for movers who are moving any furniture.

Empty refrigerator

Don’t leave anything in the refrigerator – if items are in it on moving day then throw them out with the trash.

Kids and pets

Another tip for moving day is concerning kids and pets. You need to find somewhere to put them for this day as they will only be in the way or get lost. Kids can go to a relative’s home for the day and pets can be put in a pet hotel for a couple of days.

Don’t up and leave the house

Moving crews would like you to stay out of the way but they do not want you to leave to run last minute errands or go tell you bowling team good bye. They want you nearby so they can find you if any questions pop up or near some clarification on where things go, what not to move and other things they would need you for.

These tips will make for a moving day that is smoother on the moving crew and your family.

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