6 Benefits of Having Short Domain Name [PROVEN]

Posted by Kristina butt on Feb 07, 2020
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A domain name isn’t just a name but it’s the name of your brand. Your business or brand will be introduced by this name. So, isn’t it better to have a perfect domain name or your brand name?

Let’s know some points to choose the perfect domain name for your business. The more important you will give on the name the brighter your business will be. As you know you can’t change a domain name if it’s publicly introduced or you can face many problems to change that.

Let’s come to the right point for choosing a short domain name

1: Short Domain Name get more Brandable:

While you are thinking to choose a domain for your brand, then it’s obvious that a short domain name will be more user-friendly. If your name is too long, then it will be difficult to memorize for your user. Even You can face problem with the brand logo as you can’t make a good logo for a long name.

2: Losing Targeted users:

If you choose a long word and your user mistyped your name on any search engine, then other and similar websites may appear on their screen. So, there is a high chance that you will lose some valuable or targeted users. Though it’s not the mistake of them rather it’s yours.

3: Decrease the forgetting possibility:

A short name is always memorable and hard to forget. Isn’t it? Even if anyone wants to send his/her friend the website name or link then they may sicken of for long name. So, a short name is always remaining in mind and can be happily shared with friends and others.

4: Make business more professional:

If you research on big brands and businesses, you can find one common thing. Yes, that they have one thing in common which is short domain name. Though the domain name doesn’t come as professional but while it is short and memorable then it becomes professional. All the big brands that reigning on the market have a short and catchy domain name. This character makes their business more professional.

5: It seems to be more authoritative:

If you search for any query on any search engine, there you will have thousands of results. In which post will you open? Obviously, you will open that has a branded relation about your query and catchy name. Right? So, this choice makes any website more authoritative.

Though there is no relation between the ultimate authority of a domain and this authority. But when a user gives importance on a website or name then the search engine will obviously give the authority too.

6: Search Engine Preference:

Though there is no rule that search engine prefers short domain name, but it prefers on the user desire. And if the user chooses a short and catchy domain name, then obviously it will increase the visibility of the search engine. Because search engines always prefer what visitor is seeking for?

These are some great points for choosing a short and catchy domain name for your business and brand.

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