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Posted by lianot on Nov 17, 2020
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Business process improvement is a set of methods and approaches that enable company leaders to improve the efficiency of its work. As the name implies, the procedure, which is also sometimes called business process management, its purpose is to improve business processes, which helps to make them more efficient. In organizations that focus on improving business processes:
Managers and employees know what business processes they carry out. These processes are presented in the form of diagrams, reflected in procedural manuals, or clearly articulated as “accepted methods of work in the organization”.
Managers monitor the quality of business processes using a system of formal indicators that can assess the quality of basic resources and results and measure the effectiveness of work.
The top management of the company regularly invests efforts and resources in improving business processes. In some cases, the investment is aimed at improving certain operations, such as order processing, in others, increasing the overall competitiveness of the company, for example, through improving the development of new products or developing strategy.
Organizations outside of business process management can take similar steps, but do so on an ad-hoc basis rather than a systematic approach.
Business process improvement is a tool that can be used in an organization at any level: both by a manager who is about to change a relatively simple process within their department, and by a senior executive, whose goal is to implement a new initiative across the company to improve the productivity of the organization in the whole.

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