Danish gambling regulator initiated gambling awareness

Posted by steve on Jul 02, 2019
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The Danish gaming regulator Spillemyndigheden has launched a new initiative aimed at increasing the level of user awareness of gambling, as well as the features of video games with betting on skins and lootboxes.

According to representatives of the online gambling regulator, appeals from concerned parents in connection with betting by skins and lootboxes in video games have become frequent. The gambling regulator notes that appeals leave a feeling that the public is not sufficiently informed in this matter.

Lootboxes are “magical” boxes containing random rewards or rewards. They can be obtained during the game or purposefully acquired by the user. Skins bets indicate that a player can make bets on events using virtual objects or decorative incentives.

During the past year, the gambling regulator attempted to limit the use of bets by skins, as the ministry feared the spread of gambling among minors. On April, 15 online sites were blocked on the initiative of Spillemyndigheden due to the use of rates by skins or lootboxes.

As part of the new initiative, the gambling regulator is expected to organize free-of-charge presentations to raise awareness of the problem. In addition, within the framework of the events, representatives of the department will put forward their own rules of behavior in relation to such phenomena.

The program will focus on working with three key groups - parents and other interested parties, minors and collaborative groups. Classes will be held in schools, on sports fields, and in cyber associations.

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