Five Benefits of Composite Deck Boards

Posted by Cristina Herrera on Jun 17, 2019
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Whether it is extending the living space of a house, creating an alternative outdoor space, or modifying the garden landscape, then decking is the way to go. The traditional wood decks and composite decks are the available options for your garden decking or outdoor decking. However, the use of composite deck boards has become more popular in the market compared to the traditional wood decks.

Composite decking is the use of man-made boards produced from a mixture of plastic components and wood particles with little amounts of bonding agents. Capped and uncapped decks are the current types of composite decks in the market. Having said that, the big question remains, what are the benefits of using composite deck boards?

• High Slip Resistance

Having a slippery floor can be extremely dangerous. Composite boards, however, guarantee high resistance to slipperiness. This is because; the materials used in making the boards ensure minimal absorption of water. As a result, these boards remain safe whether wet or if constructed near pools. This means that they are safe to use for families with kids.

• High Durability

Composite decks are not easily affected by weather variations such as extreme cold or sunlight. This is because the plastic components used, provide the boards with resistance to such adverse changes. Also, the processes used in making the boards such as the compression moulding ensures that the boards are strong enough to endure external pressure. You can be sure that the board will not rot when exposed to wet conditions or crack when too dry. It is made to resist stains and it does not fade.

• Low Maintenance

One of the main benefits that composite decks hold against the traditional wood decking is that they require lesser maintenance. This is because these decks are made with resistance to stain and rotting, especially the capped composite decks. Should a stain occur, cleaning is much easier; it would only require normal sweeping and washing with soap or any cleaning product.

What this means is that it saves on time and money to keep the decks in a good state; that is quite important for every customer. Therefore, using composite boards ensure you get value for your money and save you on the maintenance cost.

• Environmental Friendliness

Composite boards are made from residues of manufacturing processes and recycled materials recovered from timber processing. Plastic components used are also recovered from recycled plastics. For this reason, these boards are considered economical and environmentally friendly.

• Beautiful and Natural

Composite boards come in colours and patterns that are beautiful. Some come in a blend of natural colours such as deep earth tones that make your outdoor space look more natural and cosier.

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