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Posted by Kristina butt on Jun 10, 2019
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Summer is just around the corner. What to do to make it more enjoyable? Why don’t you make Las Vegas out of your backyard and have fun with your friends?

DIY: Las Vegas Home Made Glam

Why don’t you spice up your summer by making a themed party? You can be the croupier, the dealer, the manager, the organizer. Invite your friends and create a scenario you can talk about in the years to come. This is a perfect opportunity to gamble and feel the genuine Vegas thrills without the risk of losing a lot of money. Besides, this can be a chance to act humanely.

We suggest you host a party with the purpose of the money going to charity. This is how you won’t be feeling guilty for gambling, and the ones in need will be more than thankful. In the long-term, if your casino party turns out as a big success, you can host an even bigger one. Gather the members of your community or your officemates and have a blast while helping others.

You should know that the key to every good party lies in good organization. If you want to have a real cash casino and make it look genuine, plan everything carefully. You have to be well-prepared and ready for any kind of emergency. In order to do that, you need to have a list. Having this in mind, we are going to help you and provide all the things you will ever need for such an event. All you have to do is follow our manuals and enjoy.

The Home Casino To-Do List

We have to warn you to start planning your magnificent party at least two months before the event. This way, you can get the handle of it and resolve all potential problems on time. This will save your nerves.

This themed party will take quite a lot of your time, though. If you want to make it even more realistic and gather a lot of money, we suggest you rent a house dealer. In order to have the dealer, you need to make the reservations on time.

Ok, let’s talk some money. You need to determine your budget first and foremost. You need to set the priorities. No one wants to spend their hard-earned money on something you can do without. On the other hand, you don’t want your party in poor conditions, so determining the budget ensures a good start.

You need to create a guest list. It’s important to know how many people will attend. You need to make enough of sitting space for everyone, so they all feel welcomed, nice, and cozy.

The next important issue on your list should be the venue. Make sure you reserve the catering service as early as you can. Many catering companies provide an additional discount for early booking. Besides, you need to taste the food and make sure you made the right choice about the company you are about to place your trust.

Also, if you have a large backyard, it’s much easier to plan the decorations and overall layout. It’s hard that a large property looks overcrowded or over-the-top and tacky. But, hey, it’s a Vegas party, tacky and sparkling is the main thing here.

You need to settle on the date. We suggest you choose the weekend for this type of event. Even better advice — try to set this up a day after a payday. This way, your guests will have some extra cash to gamble with.

Plan Every Detail on Time

After combing through the fundamental details of the event, the time is right for getting some essential items. First of all, decide which games you would like to offer as a casino option for the guests. Pick something that you know that everyone knows, such as poker or blackjack. At least, pick a game that is easy to learn. Conduct personal research of the games of chance, which are basic, but interesting.

Hire a professional dealer or a croupier. As we stated above, while deciding on the budget amount, you should count on the dealer’s fee. Try hitting some local casinos and party rental places to find out if they have or know any freelance dealers you can hire for the event. You can also choose a cheaper version and try being the dealer yourself.

Of course, no matter how good you get, your party will appear more simple this way. And there is no telling how fast will you be able to obtain the knowledge and the skills required to do the job. If you have a knowledgeable friend who is more than willing to step up, go ahead and use it.

You need to rent some gaming tables, in order to make your yard looking like an explosion of Las Vegas’ energy. Have in mind that the main attribute of Sin City is precisely a 24/7 party with liquor, gambling tables, and good food. If you choose to rent a professional dealer, make an additional step forward and rend a couple of gaming tables. This will make the whole thing look more realistic and thrilling. However, if your budget is limited, you can host some regular ones, and print the real-thing layout.

A Two-Week Readiness

Ok, once you get to the point where you have just a couple of weeks before the big event — it’s the right time to get down to the more last-minute touch-ups.

So, you need some invitations. You can be a classy host and send them old-fashioned paper ones on their home addresses. Save your money by being a creative and original host — use old deck and plain cardstock. However, due to nowadays rush and busy life, if this is a bit too much for you, send them an online invite. But, try to make it gambling-style.

Now is the moment for the decorations. Arrange your gaming tables just like the casino floor looks like. In case you have chosen to use plain tables, try dressing them up in green felt, or at least use some other material, as long as it’s green. This will provide the additional casino vibes. We suggest that you use DIY to make a neon sign which says ‘Place Your Bets’ or ‘Get Lucky.’ You can either use led lights or glow sticks.

Your guests must feel comfortable and well-attended, so make sure you have enough food. It’s best if you serve finger food since they will be pretty busy holding cards and throwing the dices. This way, they don’t have to leave the game to eat. Also, they get along perfectly with alcoholic beverages. If you want to go all-the-way, we would recommend you to hire a bartender. Just make sure to have enough water, wine, and beer, the rest is optional. In the end, make some cute little casino party gifts the guests can take home, to remember the best Las Vegas backyard party of all times!

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