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Posted by Kristina butt on Jun 11, 2019
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In the dizzying and vibrantly exhilarating world of events, there is always something new and exciting on the horizon. Being in the industry brings it to a whole new level, and all-new frontier. Being in event management is an exhilarating career choice, and it is one that is ripe with constant engagement and elevation. Regardless of if you work for an event management company, or run your own, there are certain necessities to bringing together a successful event.

Moreover, there are elements that are musts if you want to create an event that leaves a lasting impression on attendees, long after the event concludes and the smiles fade from their faces. There is magic in an unforgettable event, and that magic is what every event manager is chasing. Running a successful event is one thing, but running an event that leaves a lasting impression is another thing entirely. So, what are the three fundamental pillars of an exceptional event?

Know your target demographic, and cater it all towards them
The essence of any successful event is one that caters to a target demographic. You must know who you want to be at the event, why you want them there, and what you want them to get out of it. Without this, there is no direction, and without direction there is no hope of creating an event that will leave an imprint in all the best ways, the right ways. Know your target demographic, and build the event with them in mind.

Build connections and ask them to help you pull it all together
No matter how good you are at your job, it is a virtual certainty that you do have some gaps in your knowledge or skill set. It is not an insult, it is a reality. Of course, the nature of being an event manager is that you are a Jack or Jill of all-trades, but it is also that you are skilled in bringing the event together, not necessarily in doing every aspect of the event yourself (is any human capable of that? I doubt it).

To build these connections you are going to inevitably need to give your events the extra pop they need, you must network. Every time there is a networking event or a seminar that you can possibly make it to, make it your business to do so. Make connections. Get your name out there. Exchange details. Make an unforgettable and appealing impression. These people will likely be your partners in future events, and you want them on your side.

Bring to life a little WOW factor…it is the core of lasting impressions
If everyone created the same baseline events, with the same connections and the same experiences, then no event would be memorable at all. Think outside of the box to create a little something extra special and unique that will leave the attendees impressed and the excitement shining in their eyes even after they leave the venue. The essence of a perfect event is in the intricate details, unique elements, the WOW moments. That is the magic.

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