Project owners "control up" list, every fake signatures to reconcile the residents of the project?

Posted by hanhphuc on Dec 15, 2020
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Project owners "control up" list, every fake signatures to reconcile the residents of the project?
"They turned" into a shop Tennis coffe,
As reflected, many residents living in high-rise complexes Xi Grva Court
(No. 256-258 Ly Thuong Kiet, P..12, quan.10, Member Pho.HCM) upset at work
investors when the Company Limited Investment planning Thuan Phu Son (Phu Son
Thuan) no transparency of information on the law given to the area provided details climber S
joint ownership. not only that, fire safety is on the resident population problem area
here worried especially after the fires occurred on the night of 1/12.,
According H.M.T residents (all apartments in 21 floors blochong B), Mr. DC Phu Son
Upon transfer of apartments from month to month 1/2019 8/2018 but Xi apartment
Grand Court new authorities are accepted as well as the quality of works
Firefighting airy. Worth mentioning, the works to be accepted only on the 7th floor fire protection
trsinh live up, not all can have shopping service from the ground floor to the 6th floor,
"Firefighting is a problem affecting the lives of people of all residents but far
the investor of the project but not provided for our Shop PCCC test records
part podiums commercial & apartment basement. We are pressing and night
1/12 in apartment fire occurred, threatening residents "- Mr. T. said.,
Common ownership area is emerging argument that residents Xi Grand Court fight
with Company Thuan Phu Son during the last time. Residents N.T.K.N (all apartments in
19-storey block B) has showed us add more area in the 7th floor apartment is being invested
"Portion of" improper functioning rental.,
Specifically, the Company Thuan Phu Son for leasing parts business
billiards, coffe shop, even where the activity open documents. Meanwhile, the area
an area dedicated to the common good in the 7th floor has not been this investor
open to residents know. Rent this plane many residents do not
use the process know what? Revenues - money back ?,
Residents H.M.T for or when selling apartments in Xi Grand Court, Phu Son
Conveniently ads appear 3 housing projects and community located on the 1st floor community building,
golf fitness (basketball and tennis) than 1,800m2 wide. But now,
apartment just 1 small community living room located on the 7th floor, and location
Tennis has been invested leasing coffe shop open.,
Forged signatures of residents ?,
Direction to the Department of Construction Ho Chi Minh City brought the Decision No. 109 / QD-SXD-Lab Day
30/7/2009 approved the investment project to build a combination Xi grand Court building. After
that decisions are controlled and adjusted 3 times.,
First time in 2010, followed in 2014 by the supply time Decision 38 and
once at the terminal in 2018 with a Decision No. 27,
According to Decision No. 38, magnitude-born population projects Xi Grand Court Games 1670
people. Total of 748 apartments, including 548 apartments, 200 apartments for rent.
The total floor area square 57.656met podium, with 624m2 of living area plus
copper, 664m2 house won for keeping low tgia.,
To Decision No. 27, the population size at this time the project did not stop to 2222
people, a total of 748 apartments are also allowed to sell operating switch.
Although the total floor area of ​​building podiums square 56.712met reduced, however
area all community activities and daycare in the apartment was not
In this decision, according to the design dossier infrastructure operation Administration
build evaluation, HCMC Department of Construction received see the position adjustment,
utility room between the living community associations, child care center and commercial area
the ground floor and the 7th floor of the building project, the other for the plan set
basic design approved in Decision No. 38,
"Investors have conducted close unintentional investor (sold 224/748
apartments in the project), with a view to agreeing agree that 224/224 apartment sold ratio
100%. But investors need to hold a meeting of people, invited Ward People's Committee attended
trim official practice situation consultation for
adjusted performance foothold community living room, daycare and parks
trade in services ... ", agreed by the Department of Construction stated.,
Decision 27 was crowded Xi Grand Court residents protest by the decision
promulgated Son Thuan Company signed purchase documents apartments
buyer, but take action lies in your consultation.,
Specifically, according N.T.K.N residents, who signed purchase agreement apartment with Public
Thuan Phu Son company in 24/5 / year of Dragon. She certainly was not consulted
when applying for project approval adjust but investors have already taken the DoC reviews
Its 100% you sign the contract, the same as cheating on customers, donkey engine
authorities. ,
Other residents he D.Q.G (all 14-storey apartment block A2) added in the
making sessions with residents, on behalf of the Company do not provide Thuan Phu Son offers
list of 224 signatures by residents that companies that were consulted.
In addition, the general area of ​​condominium tenure is how much, Dad
How Hotel residents are also unaware ?,
Prior to this pressing and direct the Department of Construction HCM City had a meeting work
resident representative Xi Grand Court in mid-March 8/2019.,
Tran Hung Anh, Deputy Chief Inspector of the Department of Construction said in Decision
27 have stated, the Company Phu Son Thuan opinions of 224 residents, this is
those rights and benefits related to Decision No. 27. Suggested residents
People providing apartment purchase contract before the period for issuing decisions
DoC based review.,
With support suggested list of 224 residents by the investors that took the
is Deputy Chief Inspector of the Department of Construction said it will review and comment tools
To clarify information Xi Grand Court residents reflect, PV interacted with
Thuan Phu Son Company dated 26.11.2019 from the time, though more than 10 days, he
Nguyen Van Thinh, Deputy Director of Phu Son Thuan, suggesting more large enterprises are still
is coming to close to Answer (!?).,
According to Phuong Linh

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