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A previously unknown region has been gaining more and more attention from the tourist scene, which is increasing every year: the Baltic countries, which consist of the region around the Baltic Sea, in Northeast Europe. They are: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Check out the roadmap for Baltic countries tours.

1) Let’s see you start your travel from London.

From London, there is 3 hours flight to Domodedovo airport in Moscow. You are choosing to start the trip through medieval Estonia, whose capital is Tallinn. Flights to these countries are made by much smaller regional airlines. So they depart from another airport - Sheremetyevo. This is pretty annoying. You need to take a taxi to go to another airport.

Another fast flight, by Estonian Air and in less than an hour, you will be in Tallinn. The airport is only 4 miles from the city center and taxis are accessible and easy.

2) Start travel from Estonia to Latvia, whose capital is Riga. You may choose Air Baltic flight for this route. This flight just takes under an hour. Riga is much bigger than Tallinn, but two or three days is great for getting to know the whole historic center and the main points of interest. The airport is relatively close (about 10 kilometers), but at rush hour the traffic is really heavy and it can take almost an hour to go through this stretch. Schedule a flight out of peak hours.

3) Next stop is the city of Vilnius, Lithuania. Fly from Baltic Air. Take two or three days to make time to visit this beautiful and so close castle.

4) Return from Lithuania to Russia from Baltic Air. The airport is far from downtown and at peak times it can take more than two hours in transit. As taxis are a big problem in the city, so search a hotel closer to the historic center.

5) Travel from Moscow to St Petersburg by Aeroflot. But, a great request is to go by train. After all, the flight itself is fast, around an hour and a half. However, it is two hours to arrive at the airport + one hour wait + 1 hour flight + flight to hotel = 5 hours = train time. It is worth considering that the train arrives in the center of St. Petersburg. And, furthermore, they say that the train ride is very beautiful when done during the day. In two or three days you get to know the city center that is not too big.

6) From Saint Petersburg, return to London from British Airways.

This script is for sample only; you can add or remove something according to your taste. Check out more travel packages at Nordic Saga.

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