Topiaries and your old Christmas Tree

Posted by sashamcgregor on Apr 18, 2018
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If you are looking to add a topiary to your home but don't want to spend the extra money, then you are in luck. You don't have to shell out an arm and leg to get a great looking cute topiary for any part of your home. If you have an old christmas tree lying around and a few common supplies for most homes, you simply need to follow this guide:

Making the Base

The first step is create your base for your topiary. You can use a variety of household items to accomplish this. One of the best options is to use old flower pots and stack them on top of one another. Use the plastic kind that can be cut. Then, cut a hole in one and turn it upside down. Attach it to the second one and you have a sturdy and tall base. It is crucial that the base can stand on its own and support the weight of the tree without tipping over.

Next, feel free to get crazy and creative with decorations. You can paint your pot fun colors, or drape it with rope for a classical feel. Some people even like to add glitter and sparkles. No matter what your taste is, don't hold back. Once you've got the base prepared, you're ready for the support section:


Your skinny Christmas tree is not going to be strong enough to stand up enough on its own when it is in the pot. That is why you need to be diligent and create a structure for it to stand up.

The best way to accomplish this is to take a tree guard from outside. If you don't have one, go to your hardware store and pick one up. You want the same kind that people use to keep deer from butting their heads on young trees. It will have a few wires across the middle and look almost like a cone.

Once you have found your stand, place it over your pots. Place the feet of the stand through the pots so it is fitting tightly but also supported with a little wiggle room. Here, you will want to use some zip ties or strong glue to keep it in place. The idea is that during daily use you shouldn't run the risk of knocking the tree over if you accidentally bump into it.

Place the Tree

Once you have the pots and the wire stand in place, you are ready to put the tree in. Start with a small branch by cutting it from the limb. Trim up any pieces that look out of place. The idea of your topiary is a refined but fun and festive look. Once you have selected the part of tree you want to use, lower it into place.

You will now want to begin tying it to the wire cage stand. Use zip ties or string for this part. If they are the same color as your tree, that's a bonus so people won't even notice it. And there you have it. Place your topiary in any are of the house or even the porch for pleasant viewing!

When it comes to using your old trees in creative ways, there are a lot of boring answers out there. If you want a great addition to your home and make a topiary you can cherish for a long time, then follow the guide above. You'll soon be glad you did, having a fresh and natural tree right in the corner or outside your home for a look that all of your neighbors will envy.

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