What is wrong with the internet we’re using?

Posted by Kristina butt on Jan 14, 2020
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After the overwhelming rage, the general public faced due to the scandal with Facebook and Cambridge Analytica everyone got even more concerned with their data being stored and used by huge corporations. Simultaneously, numerous articles and discussions on the violation of data privacy by IT companies began to appear actively in Europe and the USA. Most of these stories are presented as “a blatant act of unfair use of users' data for political manipulations and advertising purposes.” For many, this information was obvious, but for many ordinary users, this fact turned out to surprise and a hot topic for a discussion.

What's wrong with the centralized Internet?

The proponents of the idea of decentralized Internet describe it as some kind of heaven on Earth, whilst the opponents scorn upon the very concept a ridiculous. So on the wave of this soon-to-be hyped topic one needs to put things straight on what is wrong with the centralized internet and whether the aspiration to liberate it from the big tech companies oversight over our data is viable.

Throughout its development, the Internet has experienced two different forces - centralization and decentralization. At some stages, resources were concentrated mainly among large players; at some stages, active users and enthusiasts became the main driving force.

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