DIY Hemp String Ball Lamp

Posted by Melanie Johnson on Dec 04, 2018

Revamp your old lamp with the help of some hemp string and glue. This project was shown as a part of a Christmas workshop organised by Fantastic Services Group. They also showed many homemade cleaning detergents, cosmetics and other green alternatives.
Here is all you need:
• 1 balloon or a beach ball;
• Mod Podge;
• Plastic gloves;
• Brush to apply the glue;
• LED illuminated cable;
1. Get your ball or balloon ready.
2. Apply some soap water on the surface and start binding the hemp string around the ball.
3. Apply a few coats of Mod Podge with the help of a brush.
4. Wait for it to dry (as long as it takes).
5. Let the air out of the balloon/ball and remove carefully.
6. You can unleash your creativity and paint the hemp strings or add some glitter.


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