DIY Snow Globes

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Getting to hold a miniature world in your hands and watch snow swirl and swoop all around the scene, dancing and bringing life to something that just a moment ago was sitting still in anticipation.
There is so much magic in a snow globe.
Kids especially love shaking up the little globe and watching the snow swirl and bring the scene to life, it’s absolutely mesmerizing for them – and getting to make their own snow globe is even more exciting!
This craft is perfect for kids of any age and it doesn’t have to be a winter scene! You can make homemade snow globes with special trip souvenirs, favorite animal figurines – even superhero or character figurines. I’ve even seen where people laminate a picture and pop it in a snow globe! I’m not sure how long that would last but a good quality laminate should last quite a while.

Step 1

Ensure that your mason jar and figurines are well-cleaned before starting this craft. To get a good shine on glass, trying holding it above a steaming mug of hot water and polishing with a clean cotton cloth.

Step 2

If using ornaments, remove the string. (You can leave the eye hook in place or remove if desired.)

Step 3

First, check to see if your figurine needs a boost to have good visibility when the mason jar is closed by placing the figurine in the jar lid and closing the jar.

Step 4

If you think the figurine needs some boosting, glue a bottle cap to the inside of the mason jar lid first before attaching the figurine.

Step 5

Securely glue the figurine to the inside of the mason jar lid (or to the bottle cap, if using) and let dry. (Read the glue instructions to see if they suggest letting the glue cure for a longer period of time.)

Step 6

Add distilled water to your mason jar and stir in the glycerin and glitter.

Step 7

You may want to experiment with your first snow globe to see what ratio of water to glycerin to glitter you prefer. Too much glitter will make it hard to see what's in your snow globe, and too little glycerin will make it so the glitter just drops when the jar is shaken.

Step 8

Personally, we used about 3/4 cup of water, 3 teaspoons glycerin and 2 teaspoons glitter.

Step 9

Don't fill your jar too much because the figurine will displace some water and you want a small air pocket to allow for the shaking.

Step 10

Place the inverted mason jar lid on the jar and secure tightly. Glue the jar lid in place and embellish as desired with ribbon, etc.

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