Easy, no-cook kids birthday party snacks

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As the temperature steadily rises, cooking in a hot kitchen seems less and less appealing. And when you’ve got a group of kids to feed — whether you’re throwing your kids birthday party or just having some of his friends over for a playdate — stovetop cooking or baking for a crowd seems like even more of a hassle. Enter these no-cook kids birthday party cake & snacks. Not only do these desserts require no firing up of the oven or burner, they call for only a few ingredients each and are a cinch to make. So whip these up the next time you’ve got a pack of kiddies begging for a snack — just make sure there’s enough for you to treat yourself, too!

Step 1

Frozen Hot Chocolate
Hot chocolate’s not just for the winter! You’d be surprised how easy it is to convert the holiday-time staple into a refreshing drink for warm days. This recipe’s use of packaged hot chocolate mix makes the process just a few minutes long from start to finish. Plus, you can easily adjust the volume of ingredients to satisfy a bunch of thirsty tots.
Pro tip: Got other moms and dads at the party? Include a few teaspoons of espresso powder or instant coffee in the mix to make an elegant frozen mocha for grownups.

Step 2

Pista Kulfi
Frozen desserts are a warm-weather staple, and one of the simplest and tastiest ones to make is pista kulfi. With only a few ingredients and a mixer, you can whip up this effortless treat to cool down on hot days. Plus, every kid loves popsicles, so this is sure to be welcomed at a summertime kids birthday party.

Step 3

3-Ingredient Strawberry Mousse
This light dessert uses fresh strawberries for a healthy and satisfying warm weather treat. The amount of sugar can be adjusted to taste, so you can decrease it to avoid giving the little kiddies a sugar rush.
Pro tip: Spoon this mousse on top of a white or yellow cake for a simple yet delicious strawberry mousse cake perfect for celebrating your child’s birthday.

Step 4

Cheesecake Cones
This is one birthday treat that will make your guests go “Wow.” The secret, of course, is that it’s super easy to make. A basic no-bake cheesecake recipe is piped into ready-made ice cream cones to look just like soft-serve ice cream. Some colorful sprinkles on top finish off this adorable dessert.

Step 5

Coconut Milk Payasam
With bananas, dates, and apples, this coconut milk payasam is not only healthy but also keeps tummies full for longer than sweets like cakes and cookies. Coconut milk is creamy and refreshing, while cardamom and ginger give the dessert a tantalizing flavor that appeals to kids and adults alike.

Step 6

Lime Ice Cream Pie
Kids adore ice cream cakes and pies for their birthdays, but it’s hardly the healthiest thing to serve your little one. This lime ice cream pie boasts a secret healthy ingredient: avocado. Avocado’s natural creaminess coupled with yogurt in this recipe makes this ice cream indistinguishable from a traditional one made with full-fat cream. Plus, the chocolate coconut crust avoids the white flour and butter typically called for in regular pie crusts. And of course, the whole pie is delicious and satisfies kids’ cravings for ice cream.

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