How to clean your carpet from glitter and confetti

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After a birthday or a Halloween party your carpet can get filled with glitter, confetti and stuff you don't know how to clean. To make your carpet look as clean as before the party and used long time you can apply the following tricks and tips. They will help you clean your carpets from all small particles that had stuck in their fabrics. Glitter and confetti can be easily removed with the following methods.

Step 1

One of the easiest and most obvious ways you can try cleaning glitter and confetti from your carpet is by hoovering the area. If it doesn't achieve the desired effect use a shoe polish brush or toothbrush to remove the tougher spots.

The following methods can be used for removing glitter from carpets. You can wrap tape around each one of your fingers with the sticky side out. You can cover your whole hand with sticky tape making sure the sticky side is on the outside. It is recommend to use masking tape because this way you can cover larger area of your carpet. The stickiness of the masking tape will help you gather all glitter particles. Just pat the areas with your hands wrapped in masking or sticky tape. Remove as many particles as you can.

Step 2

Both methods - vacuum cleaning and using of sticky tape to gather glitter particles are very effective. Another option you have to remove glitter is using rubber gloves and then the upholstery brush attachment to vacuum the carpet.

Step 3

Confetti can be cleaned from your carpet in a similar way. In the beginning you can try with vacuum cleaning. Use suitable vacuum cleaner's attachment which allows the confetti particles to get hoovered. Gather as much as you can. Another option is using masking or other sticky tape wrapped around your hands and fingers to gather confetti particles. Be careful not to damage the carpet fabric.

Step 4

You can use lint rollers for cleaning confetti and glitter from your carpet. Supply yourself for lint rollers for removing pet hairs or cleaning clothes. Some have long attachments for reaching far areas that may be appropriate to clean your carpet. Choose the best option for yourself. Read the manufacturer's instructions before using the lint roller. Roll it on the carpet area which has confetti particles. It will gather the confetti with each roll. Replace the used sticky side after it gets filled with particles. Repeat these steps as many times as it is necessary to gather all confetti and glitter particles from your carpet.

Step 5

Using the bristled attachments of your vacuum cleaner you can gather all confetti and glitter particles that got stuck on your carpet fabric. If this doesn't produce the desired effect you can try with steam cleaning. It ensures deeper and more effective cleaning with the help of cleaning solution and water. It is important to use powerful enough vacuum and steam cleaning machines and suitable attachments to gather such tiny particles which glitter and confetti can make.

Step 6

If you can't cope with the work on your own you can use the services of professional cleaning agencies. The technicians should know how to remove all kinds of soiling and pollutants from different carpet fabrics without damaging their fabric. Be persistent and repeat the procedures more times till you get the outcome you seek. If they aren't effective enough contact professional carpet cleaning providers. This way you will get the results you expect and succeed to bring back the presentable and spotless state of your carpet without staining or damaging it more.

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    I recently had a party and confetti was all over the carpet and stuck inside the carpet fibers. Thanks for the tips because I finally managed to clean the carpet and get it all out.