How To Lengthen Any Pants Pattern- Basic Pattern Transformation

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Learning to lengthen any pants pattern is a basic skill all sewers should know.
It is often said by people who try out patterns “it is not a good pattern” or the pattern is not well done. The question we should be asking is, Why is the pattern not right? Patterns are based on certain measurements and designs, so it is crazy to think that every pattern is going to fit us just perfectly.
There are two possible reasons that the pattern might not seem right: one, the pattern is not right for your shape and two, you do not have the mannequin standard measurement for the size you are using. I would like to explore this issue further in a separate article because there are a couple of myths I would like to debunk.
For now, let say I am going to concentrate on showing you how to lengthen any pants pattern so you can adapt it to your specific body requirements.
Check the free tutorial here:

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