Pinch Grip Oven Mitt Pattern

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I bought the oven mitts in Ikea. They were yellow and lasted 15 years. At the end, they were not the best-looking mittens, but I just couldn't give them up. They gave me so many fond memories of my small kid in yellow shorts and yellow oven mitts running up and down the park “scaring” everyone.
Well, some time has passed and those original oven mitts have since disappeared as has my now-grown-up baby boy. Well, he's not disappeared, but just moved away to start his own life. In any case, making this oven mitt pattern reminds me of him and in the hopes that you find it useful, I wanted to share the design with you too.
This is an easy and fun project that should be suitable for all levels of sewists and will take only a couple of hours to complete.


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