Rainbow Yarn Art

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This DIY rainbow loom tapestry can be finished in just a couple hours and involves preliminary sewing techniques, like weaving and tying off. This’ kids craft idea is perfect for a child who is comfortable counting in two’s and has enough fine motor coordination to tie a knot.

Step 1

Cut the paper plate in (approximately) equal measures. If you want to be really precise, you can use the pencil and tape measurer to indicate where to make the cuts. Try to ensure an even number of cuts.

Step 2

Next, you’re going to create the “heddles” or basis of your loom. Take the yarn and secure it into one “cut” of the paper plate. Leave about 6″ of yarn out the back of the cut, draping down the back of the plate.

Step 3

Bring the yarn across the plate and loop the yarn through one cut, behind the tab of the plate, and back through the next cut. Bring the yarn back across the plate to the cut on the opposite side, beside the original cut that you threaded through. Repeat this web-like pattern until the yarn has been looped through each tab.

Step 4

Tie the end after the last tab has been threaded to the end from the first cut. You will use this string to hang your tapestry later if you choose.

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