Simple Decor and DIY Ideas to Spice Up Your Living Room

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No matter how much you like your living room style, spicing things up from time to time is what keeps your room interesting. Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to plan a full makeover every few months. On the contrary, it’s often the little things that make the biggest difference. So, to help you breathe some fresh air into your living room, here are a few small décor changes you can make.

Step 1

Add some greenery

If you're looking for a way to freshen up your living room, you can never go wrong with plants. You can add colourful flower pots in the corner, or you can get a new vase and fill it with some fresh flowers. It can be a perfect centrepiece on your coffee table, and it can instantly make the atmosphere livelier. There are more than a few benefits of including plants in your decor, and even something simple, like cacti, can make your living room appear more charming.

Step 2

Layer your rugs

If you feel like your flooring could use an upgrade, you should consider layering your rugs. It's a very stylish way to upgrade your living room, and there is a lot of room for creativity as well. You can use rugs made of different materials that would suit the current season, you can layer them beneath your coffee table or sofa, and you can always combine rugs in different sizes. Plus, since finding affordable rugs is not too difficult, you can buy a few and switch them up every few weeks.

Step 3

Consider new curtains

This might not be the first thing to come to mind, but when you do think about it, your curtains really do give your living room character. So, if you're looking for a subtle upgrade, replacing your curtains might be just the thing your room needs. You can use them to introduce a pop of colour and some bold patterns, and you can rest assured that they would draw attention. Additionally, if you like DIY projects, you can sew a fabric band to your curtains and make them a bit more personal too.

Step 4

Make it smell nice with candles

Even if you're not a very romantic soul, you can still make your room feel more soothing with some quality scented tealight candles by Elume. You can find them in various scents, and you can also find candleholders in many different styles and sizes. Plus, they are not only great to look at, but they can make your living room smell great, which is very important for creating a cosy ambience.

Step 5

Get some new pillows

Another thing you can easily upgrade is your pillows. Just like rugs, they come in different sizes, colours, patterns, and materials, so it's not hard to find pillows that would fit your living room style. You can match them to your rugs or curtains, or you can use them to create a fun contrast, too.

Step 6

Make your own art

No room is complete without some art, and there are many ways in which you can make yours. Of course, if you're an artistic soul, you can always paint or draw something. However, if you're looking for something a bit more special, you can make unique art by glueing plates of different colours and sizes together and hanging them on the wall. So, if you have some extra plates that look interesting but are not a part of any collection, this is a good way to display them.

Step 7

Final thoughts

Every living room needs a few small changes from time to time in order to look fresh. So, if you’ve been thinking about spicing up your living room, consider the listed ideas, think about what would fit your living room style the best, and your living room will never look outdated.

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