3 Basic Tips for Creating a Wedding Scrapbook

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After you see, approve, and order your wedding photos, it is time to create a wedding scrapbook. Making a wedding scrapbook is the best way to hold special memories of your wedding. The scrapbook can be as simple or as embellished as you want. Get ready with your scrapbooking supplies and keep reading this blog to learn how to make a beautiful wedding scrapbook of your own. 

1. Get Organized

Planning is the most important aspect of making any scrapbook. This includes everything from choosing color schemes to adhering things together. Select a theme that resonates with the one at your wedding before starting the scrapbook. Collect pictures depicting the memories that were very close to your heart. Now pick scrapbook embellishments that you think will match the theme of your scrapbook.

2. Simple is Beautiful

You can select white cardstock in order to bring focus on the content instead of the layout. Writing creative and loving messages is a creative way to give your photos more attention without adding decorations on it. Also, there is no need to cut the pictures into different shapes. Sometimes pictures look better in their simplicity. 

3. Use Scrapbook Embellishments

Make sure to buy the necessary scrapbook embellishments to make your wedding scrapbook fascinating. Come up with interesting ideas of using those embellishments on the scrapbook. From stickers to washi tapes to glitter, use everything from your scrapbooking supplies to compliment the photos. This will make sure that your wedding scrapbook does not look too ostentatious.

Getting Started!

It is not necessary to include all your wedding photos in the scrapbook. It will make your scrapbook look cluttered and busy. If you are a rookie at scrapbooking, check out this free and downloadable ebook. There are 23 amazing and inspiring projects that will help you become more creative in scrapbooking.

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  • 3 Basic Tips for Creating a Wedding Scrapbook

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