5 Halloween Costumes Inspired By Broadway Musicals

Posted by on Oct 29, 2017


You must be running around like a headless chicken since October set in. Halloween is a big festive event not only in the USA but far beyond it and only one thought in mind across the world: “What should I wear to look fantastic?” As a rule, recent trends such as sensational musicals/movies, famous politicians, singers or even inventions turn into a source for Halloween outfits. If you prefer Broadway musicals best of all, here is a link that may come in handy
https://www.theodysseyonline.com/33-halloween-costumes-inspired-by-broadway-musicals. According to the survey held in 2017 the following images are winning for Halloween:
1. “Hamilton”. Actually, no one doubted its leadership this year. The smash-hit loved by millions has lots of bright characters whose costumes you can borrow for Halloween. For instance, the outfit of Alexander Hamilton is elegant and easily recognized. By the way, did you watch the musical? If not, buy "Hamilton" tickets in San Diego as you may find a great idea for your boyfriend’s outfit as well.
2. “Wicked”. Another bright image can be borrowed from this musical. Elphaba’s dress, hat, broom and her skin color is so perfect for Halloween. She is a witch! You needn’t much time to elaborate this outfit. Buy a long black dress, paint your skin green, put on an artificial braid and top it off with a cone-shaped hat and broom.
3. “Phantom of Opera”. The classic is always fashionable. For sure, everyone will adore you dressed like a protagonist. The images of the Phantom and Christine are not complicated. That’s an excellent choice for a couple. There must be a black suit with a white shirt in your wardrobe. In addition to it, you need the famous mask and cape to accentuate your outfit. You can buy or handcraft it. Your girlfriend should put on a white nightgown and make her hair curly. A red rose and a music sheet are an integral part of your protagonists.
4. “Chicago”. If you choose an outfit from this dazzling show no one will be able to take their eyes off you. Such images will suit for a set of beautiful girls. Bright sparkling dresses and high-heeled shoes are the main things you should put on. Sexy lingerie and provoking make-up will definitely make you stand out at the party.
5. “Kinky Boots”. A pair of seductive red boots is suitable for women and men. A married couple dressed like characters of “Kinky Boots” are second to none. Such images will match charismatic personalities. Men need to take shorts, a white shirt and jacket out of the wardrobe. The most significant element is red kinky boots. It can be problematic to find the shoes of the right size though shopping malls prepare the widest range of shoes for Halloween. Women need a short red dress, red lips and nice hairstyle that will go well with the sexiest boots ever.

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  • 5 Halloween Costumes Inspired By Broadway Musicals

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