Carpet Cleaning: Can Stick Vacuums Clean Carpet Well?

Posted by on Jul 04, 2019


One of the biggest ordeals for a typical home owner is of course keeping the carpets clutter-free. For some, hiring professional carpet cleaners might have been the tradition, but that would mean absurd availing the services on a regular basis. What many are now using is a high quality multi-purpose stick vacuum cleaner – which is great for small cleaning escapades a person can perform whenever they wishes to.
There are some confusing queries regarding stick vacuums, because they tend to create an appeal of newer looks, many are skeptical whether can stick vacuums clean carpets. In this article, we will review of the top rated stick vacuum cleaners in the market today and take a quick discussion whether they are efficient in cleaning carpets.

Stick Vacuums Clean Carpets
Most of the stick vacuums you will see on the market today have powerful suction technology that offers impeccable suction cleaning ability for every household chore such as cleaning the carpet. Conversely, there are also stick vacuums that are not-so-good when it comes to carpet cleaning because they are actually designed for flat floor cleaning.
The easiest trick here is to pay attention to specifications. A quick check up on the nozzles of the unit can immediately give you an insight whether a particular stick vacuum can clean a carpet or not. If it has a lot of different bristles and a brush, that is a sure sign that it is a heavy duty unit.

Suction Power Technology
Take great amount of consideration when cleaning carpets because carpets are essentially much harder to clean compared to flat floors such as mats or tiles. So how can you determine whether a suction technology is the right technology for carpet cleaning? I can give you two top rated brands that use the kind of suction technology that you need. These are the Hoover LiNX 18v Cordless Stick Vacuum and Dyson DC59 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner.

Basically, all stick vacuums are capable of cleaning your carpet. However, not all of them deliver the same degree of cleaning performance; some will clean the best, some will clean better, and some will just be plain worst – straight up.
Be careful with false promises and all of that tricky brain washing pathetic product advertising. Doing your homework still beats them.

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    I want to buy such a vacuum cleaner for a long time, but I doubt the purchase.