Check Out These Homemade Superhero Costumes for Your Kids

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Want to see your kids live out their superhero fantasy? You don’t have to spend a fortune at the local costume shop or wait days on end for an online order to arrive. With the right clothing, some accessories, and a bit of creativity… your little ones will be saving the day in no time at all.
Best of all, your kids can take part in the DIY process and enjoy the satisfaction of wearing their own costume. Cool, huh? Check out these simple and cost-effective costume ideas and try them out for yourself!


Let’s start with everyone’s favourite web slinging hero. He can fight crime, cling onto the walls and swing from building to building. Who wouldn’t want to spend a day as Spiderman? Now your kids can experience the thrill of being Peter Parker – and with less effort than you think.
What You Need: Long sleeve red shirt, blue pants, red beanie, long red socks and a black sharpie
1. To create the ‘mask,’ cut out two eye holes and a mouth hole, then use a sharpie to draw in his iconic squinty eye shape.
2. For the long sleeve shirt, use a sharpie to draw a simple checkerboard pattern on the front of the shirt. To draw the signature Spiderman logo, print a design off the internet, trace it onto the chest region, and fill in the blank space with black.
3. Lastly, have your kid get into the costume and wrap the red socks over the shoes or bare feet.

Captain America

Armed with a virtually indestructible shield and having peak strength, durability and intelligence – Captain America is a powerful and respected hero. Here is how to create his iconic costume.
What You Need: Blue short-sleeve shirt, red and white fabric (can be fabric from unwanted shirts), stiff white fabric (buckram, crinoline or pique), blue swim cap, red gumboots, and cardboard
1. Trace a simple star design onto a piece of white fabric and cut it out. Use a hot glue gun to stick the star directly onto the blue shirt.
2. Cut out the red and white stripes – about 6 strips for the front, and 6 more for the back – and sew them together and onto the shirt itself.
3. Take the stiff white fabric and cut out a simple wing design then glue them onto each side of the ‘helmet.’ If you’re struggling to cut the design, search ‘Captain America wings’ on Google as a reference.
4. Find a large circular object to trace onto a piece of paper. For example, a large pot plant or baking tray. Cut out the paper circle and trace it onto a sheet of cardboard. Use a utility knife to cut the cardboard – this is your shield.
5. Cover the cardboard circle with white spray paint (to enhance the blue and red colours). Take the original paper circle and cut three circular rings approximately 2-3 inches wide. Place each layer of paper onto the cardboard and remove the first outer layer. Spray the outer layer red – leave the second paper layer intact – and remove the third paper layer to spray the inner red section. Finally, place a paper cut out of a star onto the centre, spray the inner circle blue and remove the star.
6. Take two long pieces of duct tape and fold them over. Lay them down onto the back of the shield. Place your arm under the tape to determine how much room is needed. Place another layer of sticky tape over the duct tape to secure them in place.

The Joker

Of course, you can’t have a hero costume party without a villain to spice things up. With a few bits of makeup and the right clothes, this simple and cost-effective approach will make your kid stand out from the crowd.
What You Need: Purple jacket and pants, green vest, brown tie, white face makeup, eyeliner (or black face makeup) lipstick and green aerosol hair dye.
1. Have your kid get changed into their purple jacket, purple pants, green vest and brown tie.
2. Wet the hair and use a comb to slick it back. If necessary, use hair gel or wax to help maintain its shape.
3. Once the hair is dry, cover it in green hair dye until the desired effect has been achieved.
4. Cover the face from neck to forehead in white face paint.
5. How you apply the eyeliner (or black face paint) will depend on which Joker you want to recreate. The latest Suicide Squad-era Joker has fairly clean and straightforward lines, while the Dark Knight-era Joker is intentionally messy and ‘blotchy.’
6. Ready to smile? Again, how you apply the lipstick will depend on the style of Joker you are going for. With the Jared Leto look go for clean and simple – and for the Heath Ledger look? Go wild. And don’t forget to draw a nice big smile on your face.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is perhaps the most famous heroine of all time. And for good reason! She is smart, powerful and fearless – which are the exact traits her costume embodies. Here’s how you can transform your little princess into a strong and courageous Amazonian warrior.
Material: Red t-shirt or tank top, blue skirt (optional: white polka dots or stars), knee-high red socks, duct tape, x2 toilet paper rolls, gold spray paint, headband and red fabric (or red marker).
1. Use yellow electrical tape or gold duct tape to place the iconic Wonder Woman logo onto the front. Search ‘Wonder Woman emblem’ online as a reference to make the logo from scratch.
2. If the blue skirt doesn’t have stars or dots, use white fabric or paper to cut out stars, and stick them onto the skirt. Depending on the material, you will need to use glue or double sided tape.
3. Take the knee-high red socks and lay them down flat. Use white duct tape to wrap around the tip of the socks and line the center from knee to toe.
4. To create the gold armbands, take two toilet paper rolls and cut them lengthwise so they can slip in and out easily. Either cover the armbands in gold spray paint or yellow electrical tape to complete the look.
5.‘Classic’ Wonder Woman wears a gold tiara with a red star on it. Grab an old headband and spray paint it gold (if it isn’t already). Then use red fabric to cut out a star and glue it on, or simply use a red marker to draw the star on.

Materials: clothes, papers

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  • Check Out These Homemade Superhero Costumes for Your Kids
  • Check Out These Homemade Superhero Costumes for Your Kids

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