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The Corona pandemic and subsequent lockdown left travel and tourism sectors shell-shocked. Even today, as services start on a slow crawl, these two sectors face the prospect of reduced customers and reduced income. Distancing dictates changes. Trends emerge. How to anticipate and build travel strategies is a big question for travel and tour companies. This is where roping in artificial intelligence development company will help. Even otherwise, AI development service comes in useful assuming things return to the old normal. You stay a step ahead of the game. Ecosmob, an AI development company, offers tailored services for travel and tourism sectors. It can help them offer innovative tailored experiences and generate much needed revenue streams.
Intelligent helpbots and bookings
For most people who intend to travel the smartphone or desktop computer and internet are prime sources of information. What with social distancing in place and fears of Covid-19 people are not likely to visit travel agencies in person. Ecosmob offers end to end AI development service to design helpbots that will do more than the routine chatbots found on websites. Typical possibilities:
• Voice based interactions – users need not type in text queries – they simply ask questions.
• The intellibot responds with straightforward suggestions. Then, going a step further with the help of AI, it recommends various options as regards destinations, local places to visit, hotels and food choices. It could consider traveler’s budgets or preferences. Then, based on interaction it could branch off and offer permutations. Ecosmob uses AI in conjunction with machine learning to help the system learn about traveler preferences and use data to put forth suggestions. If a customer wishes to take the process further, booking and payments are the next stage.
• In the post Covid era a new set of queries could arise such as places that are Corona-safe.
The same concept carries over to social media where an intending traveler can ask a question and receive recommendations.
Improving travel and tourism websites with AI
What artificial intelligence in chatbot does for one to one interaction, it can do to improve websites. Most travel websites offer routine options based on form inputs. AI infusion could change results by way of featured recommendations. While doing so, AI can also capture data on visitor behavior, search patterns, destinations preferred and then correlate with Corona-safe destinations to give suggestions that will be welcome. Since travel involves air tickets, surface travel, hotels and food, AI development and inclusion in websites helps travel agencies make the best recommendations across the entire spectrum.
Predicting trends
Travel and tour operations were pretty routine pre-corona. Now, everything is changed, especially people’s perceptions and expectations when they travel and destinations they choose. Ecosmob’s artificial intelligence development helps travel industry to tap into big data, learn about developments and arrive at predictive capabilities. This will help travel industry focus on specific locations and develop packages in line with customer expectations. It does not stop there. With volumes drying up it is a tight balancing act for tour operators to know about future revenues and acceptable pricing limits. Ecosmob focus on using artificial intelligence in financial planning and predictions for travel helps such operators know in advance state of their financial health.
Another area where predictive capabilities help in capturing orders is by analyzing fare and tariff trends and display information on your travel website. This will push customers to make immediate bookings.
Hotel operators, for instance, make use of AI powered system to know past occupancy and tariff rates and know about future occupancy based on which they can modify tariffs, offer package deals or something else to try to maximize occupancy.
Broader perspectives
AI is good at narrow-focus functions such as destinations/fares/hotel tariffs but it can also be implemented in a broader perspective. Ecosmob, top artificial intelligence development company, can factor in broader perspectives like weather, specific climatic conditions, government policy changes to travel and state of economy that will have an impact on travel decision making by travelers and also help travel operators to adapt or offer disruption management services. For instance, a weather disruption in one region could derail travel plans or trap a customer in one area. In such cases, the AI system comes to the rescue, immediately offering alternatives to an intending traveler or helping a trapped customer receive assistance.
Travel industry, in the current circumstances, needs to reinvent itself to attract customers and keep cash flowing in. Ecosmob offers its AI development services to support travel in their quest to not only survive but to flourish. 36% users will pay more for excellent services and 74% travelers plan trips online while 80% prefer to find information through self-service. These stats speak volumes about the need to provide intelligent solutions.
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