How to Make a Magic Stick at Home?

Posted by on Apr 15, 2017


A magic stick is no different from a normal stick, but you can actually personalise it to make it a perfect magic wand. All it needs is a magician's intention to animate it and with better practice, a magic wand will be your everyday confederate.
Here's step by step guide to make a magic stick at home.
Step 1- Getting a Stick
Believe it or not, for a magic stick you don't have to spend a fortune in the craft stores. You can simply get a stick from a tree. According to different spiritual traditions, there are many different wayof cutting tree branches. But, if you are not that spiritual, you can easily go for anykind of tree branches.
Step 2- Shaping the Magic Stick
Before you start shaping it. It's important to get it into a perfect size. With a small portion of sand paper, you can make your magic wand really smooth and delightful to the touch. Sanding the ends will make it a cute and neat magic wand. Just because you are using a tree branch to make your magical object or art fact, you need to be a little careful about the size and shape. The ones available in the stores come with predetermined shapes and sizes. So, this is the most important part of making your wand.
Step 3-Rubbing Your Magic Wand
Once the stick is smooth and enough radiant in terms of energy, it's time to shape it as per your desire. But, it would look dry most of the time. So, now, it's the perfect time to anoint the wand and do everything that makes it perfectly fit to use. The way you anoint the magic stick also determines the use and purposes of the wand and remember, you can't undone. Since the wood is fresh and dry during its first use, it absorbs oil as required. For best results, use essential oils like rose oil or something like that. Use a few drop of your own blood to make it energised.
Step 4- The Decoration
Finally comes the decoration, the most important part of making the magic wand. It the decoration and style are well aligned, you are always going to have a beautiful object. To make it an eye candy, you can use decorative materials like ribbon, glitters and crystals.You can also wrap around a silver or copper wire for better results.
So, worry no more! Follow this guide to make your magic wand all your own . How can you magic with a magic trick? Learn at Rebel Magic.

Materials: wood

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  • How to Make a Magic Stick at Home?
  • How to Make a Magic Stick at Home?

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