Modern lingerie shopping, it's not only frilly knickers!

Posted by on Apr 11, 2019


Is it just me, or has there been a dramatic shift in the past few years toward a refreshingly honest


Is it just me, or has there been a dramatic shift in the past few years toward a refreshingly honest and open conversation about sex and sexuality on the high street? Lace lingerie, women’s sexy knickers, French knickers. There'll all there to be seen, but in more recent times we've started to see businesses reaching further towards more taboo areas, with sex toys for both men and women, becoming readily available.

Window shopping, no mouse or keyboard required!

The retail industry has always (and always will be) a useful indicator of the economy in general. After all, here we have a direct measure of how people are spending their hard-earned cash in brick and mortar stores across the country. But I wonder if our retail shopping habits, where everything is out in the open, front and centre, are indicating a change in the attitudes of society.

The internet, as per usual, is at least partly to blame here. With information readily available to anyone with a computer, phone, or tablet, and access to the web, it's hardly surprising that conversations about taboo subjects are leaking out into the wider zeitgeist. Now we're seeing sex shops arriving on our streets more frequently, and the likes of Victoria's Secret or Anne Summers, are broadening their product lines away from simply bras and knickers, and are putting our products that otherwise would've been hidden away on the net.

The rise of sex toys and the death of women’s sexy knickers?

Entering one of these stores, you might expect to see BDSM gear next to the women’s sexy knickers section, or sex toys next to sexy corsets. Are we likely to see a shift away from naughty underwear? No. We're just noticing a more open and progressive conversation about the importance of sexuality to all of our lives.

In earlier decades, women and men alike would have little chance to stumble across a shop which can pique their interest on such a fundamental level, but ironically, the modern spreading of progressive ideas via the internet has given rise to a boom in this particular corner of the retail sector. No doubt we'll continue to see smiling faces exiting lingerie shops for decades to come.

Of course, for those of an older generation, perhaps with less of a tendency to openly flaunt their sexual habits in public, the internet remains a safe haven.

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