Reasons To Use Amethyst and Crystals in Jewelry/Crafts

Posted by on Oct 02, 2019


The use of stones and crystals in jewelry and crafts is very common nowadays.


The use of stones and crystals in jewelry and crafts is very common nowadays. More and more jewelers have ventured into using different forms of stones and crystals. For some, it's a matter of aesthetics. For others, it's about the value and the numerous other benefits that can be gained through these stones. Today, one of the most commonly used stones are amethyst and crystals.

ited States, Sri Lanka, Siberia, and Brazil. At present, it's used in many parts of the world both by jewelers and even by home décor creators alike. Here's why:

  1. It's Affordable

Yes, amethyst is one of the most affordable stones and crystals that you can have in your home and your jewelry choices. But its affordable price range isn't because it's inferior in quality. On the contrary, when you have a piece of amethyst in your home or jewelry, you hold just as special a piece as other stones and crystals. The only difference is that amethyst is easily sourced. The earth is abundant with amethyst, which makes it one that's easy to mine and process.

If you're looking for a stone to have in your home for a relatively cheaper price point, amethyst is one of the best choices. You can even use amethyst as the crystal or stone for any of your DIY jewelry projects—and it’s going to look just as classy and elegant.

  1. It Helps Create A Peaceful And Relaxing Environment

In ancient times, amethyst was believed to bring about peace and healing. Especially in Asian countries, this is precisely the reason why you're going to find numerous jewelry and décor containing amethyst. It's a favorite, especially among the more traditional and elderly population. When you've got amethyst as a craft in your home, it's believed to help create a more peaceful environment.

As an example, check out this beautiful Amethyst stalactite slice. Wouldn’t you just feel relaxed having such a magical piece in your room?

  1. It's Beautiful

This reason might be apparent, but it cannot be emphasized enough: amethyst and other crystals are beautiful. Even if you take away all the other properties they’re believed to have—especially if this isn't something that you personally believe in—amethyst and crystals remain gorgeous in appearance. They're elegant and classy to wear. Moreover, they add personality and warmth to a room. It's a piece of jewelry and craft that's set to last you through many more generations to come, making it a timeless piece.

For your jewelry, here’s an Amethyst pendant from FossilEra that’ll leave you wanting to buy your own piece as well.

Amethyst and crystals are semi-precious stones that can be used in many forms. Even when they’re unpolished, they still have that beauty that anyone looking at it can easily marvel upon. Plus, its array of hues and tones also help provide that serenity when simply viewing it.

  1. It Helps Provide Therapeutic Healing And Feelings Of Relaxation

Before proceeding, it’s important to keep in mind that while amethyst has been used for many years to provide therapeutic healing and more positive feelings for ailing patients, this isn't to say that stones and crystals can substitute for medical advice. By all means, the medical advice of your doctor should come as a priority.

For many years, however, amethyst has long been documented as a part of a more traditional and therapeutic means of healing. This may come from the perceived power of amethyst and crystals to enhance your ability to relax. When you're sick, be it physically or mentally, peace and relaxation are often difficult to achieve. Through the calming powers believed to be possessed by the colors purple and lavender, you're also giving yourself a chance to experience therapeutic healing, along with a more restful sleep.

  1. It Helps You Focus More And Enhances Your Creativity

This has to do with the effects of looking at the amethyst jewelry or craft has on you. Without a doubt, the colors of a particular object, jewelry, or even that of a room can have different effects on a human being's brain. Psychology will tell you this. For instance, yellow rooms can elicit hunger. Blue rooms, on the other hand, allow for cooler feelings and a more calm sensation.

With amethyst, it's said to allow you to focus more, thereby also enhancing your creativity. In its raw form, it comes in the cooler shades of lighter lavenders to darker purples. When you have this craft in your room (and especially if you take the time to have a good look at it), you may just see yourself better relaxing and focusing your energy on more productive areas of your life.


The usage of amethyst in jewelry and craft is not in its infancy. In fact, it has been used way back, from the Medieval Age. Soldiers used to wear necklaces and amulets made of amethyst to protect them from danger. This belief paved the way for its present usage in jewelry, apart from, of course, its physical beauty. When it comes to craft pieces, these crystals are used more than just to make a room look more elegant. They’re also believed to provide peace and serenity, turning any space or room into the perfect haven after a long and stressful day.

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