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Hmmm… your best friend birthday is coming up or a special event for that special someone


Hmmm… your best friend birthday is coming up or a special event for that special someone, yet you don’t know what to give as a gift? How about going for something more personal, unique and amazingly beautiful; a scrapbook!

Scrapbooks are the perfect gift for any occasion or for anyone! For those who are new to crafting and scrapbooking, it is mostly comprised of numerous designed papers, each decorated and including photos of the person you’re gifting it to. Cards as well can be put in scrapbooks. Scrapbooks are the best way to cherish a relationship with someone where you can share your experience as well as your thoughts towards the person.

With simple steps that you are provided on this exceptional article, time to go DIY style with your own scrapbook! You will encounter some tips and tricks to make your scrapbook one of the best as well… We shall proceed with the basics first.

Make The Book

You Will Need

  • Design papers ( Can be textured or untextured as well) – 39x25
  • Coloured Papers
  • 2 Sheet Of Cardboard – 40x26
  • 2 Sheet Of Fake leather – 82x56
  • Glue
  • Scorer
  • An Awl
  • Fibre Strings

Note: All dimensions are given in centimetres.


  • Pile up your design and coloured papers.
  • Take your cardboards and drizzle some glue on both surfaces. Wrap your fake leather around the cardboard. You would obtain two sheets of fake leather covered cardboard!
  • Tip One: Once you’ve stuck the leather on the surface, swipe a ruler or long object across the surface to remove any air. Air trapped inside the leather tends to decrease the appeal of your scrapbook.
  • Make five indents with the awl on the shorter side of your pile of papers as well as your cardboard. Sandwich the papers with the cardboards and bind them together using fibre string. The book is ready.

Fill Your Scrapbook

There are tons of ways that you can fill your scrapbook. With pictures, cards and quotes, you can surely add your personal touch at every step of the creation. We have gathered five decoration ideas that you can consider while decorating your scrapbook. 

Idea One: Cards

Cards make a great way to express your thoughts in a unique way. Some are pop-ups while others are interactive. Here, you are presented with the steps to make a waterfall card. Feel free to craft other cards as well to include in your scrapbook.

You Will Need

  • 4 square – 5x5 each
  • A paper strip of 5x13
  • Glue

How To Make It

  • Take your strip of paper and mark at 5cm, 1cm,1cm and 1cm.
  • Stick one square at the 5cm mark and the remaining at each 1cm mark
  • Fold the remaining strip at the back.
  • Now comes the fun part… pulling the folded paper strip would turn the cards one by one.
  • You can use the squares for photos or words.

Idea Two: Select A Theme

One thing that can enhance the totality of your scrapbook is setting up a theme of the book. Try to think something original. For example, if you are gifting it to a friend that loves nature, you could go with green papers, branches, ladybugs and insect designs amongst others. If you need other inspirations, you can always visit sites which are full of designs and colours. For instance, why not visit the bingo online site, Sugar Bingo? The site comes packed with different themed games like animals, nature, diamonds and many more, which can help you find some creative patterns and ideas! Amazing, right?

Idea Three: Ornaments

How about filling your scrapbook with some gorgeous ornaments and decorations? Every scrapbook would never turn down some glamorous designs and decor. Go hardcore on the glitters or fancy gems. A well-chosen theme and some beautiful ornaments would definitely bring your creation to another level!

Now, grab your scissors and glue to make your own scrapbook. With the right ingredients and right procedure, it is bound to turn out great!

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