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  • Everyone at some point in our lives feels the need to give and receive a hug to feel good about ourselves, to feel support, happiness and love. However, it has been shown that the benefits of Cuddle Therapy uk go beyond emotions and directly influence our health no matter how old we are.

  • A study by scientists, concluded that people need to receive Cuddle Therapy uk and caresses from birth. Physical contact plays a very important role in the development of neurons and so that they do not die, it is important to stimulate them since we began to live.

  • Although we have not discovered an exact number of Cuddle Therapy uk we need for our health, the different studies have determined that thanks to them we can: 1-Reduce stress and anxiety Hugs reduce the production of a hormone called cortisol, the which favors stress. Reducing this increases the amount of serotonin and dopamine, which will immediately give you feelings of well-being and tranquility.

  • 2-Reduce blood pressure Our nervous system is activated, oxytocin hormone is released and activate a mecano receptors of the skin called Pacini corpuscles, which are responsible for reducing blood pressure. 3-Improves the immune system When receiving or giving a hug our immune system activates and favors the creation of white blood cells. Thanks to this we can prevent many diseases and improve our defenses when we feel weak.

  • 4-Cardiovascular benefits. Hugs with people we love increases the level of oxytoxin in both men and women, thanks to this hormone we receive great benefits for the health of the heart and the cardiovascular system. 5-Reduces the risk of suffering dementia The Cuddle Therapy uk stimulate us, give us tranquility and balance our nervous system, for this reason hugs from an early age reduce the risk of suffering from dementia.

  • 6-Improve the mood When you are going through a bad time in your life, hugs can be the solution to feel happiness. When we embrace serotonin rises and thanks to this we recover little by little our good mood. 7-Rejuvenates the body When we embrace the process of transporting oxygen to the tissues is stimulated and thanks to this our body prolongs the full life of the cells, preventing us from aging and giving us more time of youth. 8-Relax muscles Hugs stimulate circulation in the soft tissues and thanks to this can alleviate muscular ailments and release tension.

  • 9-Generates confidence and security The Cuddle Therapy uk make us feel supported and in confidence, thanks to this a security is generated that favors communication with people close to the public in general. Receiving a hug before speaking in public will make us perform better. 10-Raises self-esteem Many specialists associate self-esteem with the physical contact we receive since we are children. The sensations that we experience at an early age mark us for life and this increases our ability to love and respect ourselves for the rest of our lives. When we embrace we feel loved, safe, special and important for the people around us, thanks to this our self-esteem is nourished and self-love is maintained.

  • In conclusion: When we embrace we release stress, anxiety, depression and create a kind of confidence in ourselves. A study from when we embrace other people, oxytocin, or better known as love hormone, increases and improves the health of our body.

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