Top 3 Things To Consider For Choosing The Right Wedding Photographer

Posted by on Apr 11, 2019


If your wedding is approaching, you have probably thought of hiring a wedding photographer.


For choosing the right photographer, you have either started a Pinterest board or followed many photographers on Instagram. Moreover, you might have also gone crazy asking your friends about possible recommendations for a wedding photographer.

In order to hire the wedding photographer, you might have done many kinds of researches and examined many many facts including wedding photography prices and packages, recommendations, friends wedding, Instagram pictures, etc. But if you are still facing a dilemma to choose the best man for the job, this article is for you. Here I will discuss the top 3 things you need to consider for choosing the right photographer for your wedding.

  1. Pictures That Will Suit You

Think of yourself as an average couple because you are not like those models of the wedding photography website. Remember that most of you will not wear the designer gowns and shoes that models wear.

You need to ask yourself if you look the same as those models and if you are really going to book an expensive venue for your wedding. Most photographers specialize in a certain kind of wedding, some photographers are good at taking dramatic couples pictures in a beautiful venue while some may specialize in taking fun-filled candid pictures regardless of the wedding location.

That is why, It’s important to find a photographer who specialize in your kind of wedding whether it is a home town wedding or a destination wedding. You should also consider your expressions if it consists of your happy and authentic faces or you are good at making dramatic poses.

You need to look at the kind of expressions that you want your photographer to take of yours. The photographer must be able to catch your real relationship in front of the camera.

Finally, passion is always beneficial for one’s work, if you can hire someone passionate about the kind of photography you want at your wedding, he will turn your wedding album into a dream one!

  1. How An Entire Wedding Album Looks like

This is one of the most important Things to consider for choosing your wedding photographer. The vendors or photographers you have followed on Instagram, Facebook or on their websites, will only post the best photos they have taken.

In addition, watching only a few photos on Instagram will not help you to understand how much capable a photographer is in different situations such as couple getting ready, detail shots, family portraits, etc.

As these series of wedding scenes takes places in different locations, your photographer must be able to choose the right equipment, techniques and posing strategies quickly.

Moreover, some photographers are very capable of taking couples scenes at nice locations while some are more capable of taking couples candids. This happens because they all specialize in a different kind of photography and you won't be able to know what they do with other photographs.

That is why you need to see at least one entire wedding gallery from one of their earlier couples.

  1. Lots of Happy and Comfortable looking Clients

This one is an interesting thing to consider. There are not many wedding photographers who can make you feel comfortable while you are in front of the camera. At the same time, there are not many photographers who have both comfortable looks in front of the camera yet expressively happy clients after watching their wedding photographs.

The reason to consider this is because you will be interacting almost 7-12 hours with the photographer on your wedding day. If your photographer helps you to be yourself, he will generally click the actual “you”.

Moreover, it is good to consider the vendors with lots of happy customers because only the earlier clients can give the best reviews about a vendor.

So, it is a good idea to meet your photographer in person to see if you get along well with him. Tell your story and share your emotion to give him the best ideas for your wedding photography. Before the meeting, take advice from your friend or get a review from an earlier client to know how well your photographer can do.

To conclude, If you are happy after considering all these mentioned facts, it is guaranteed that you will be able to choose one of the most suitable person for your wedding photography.

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