What do you know about the BSDM hotel

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It is a good idea for those who want to try a night at a specialized hotel. Thanks to the fact that we have a more open mind with paraphilias, there are certain hotels that offer this type of service in their suites and I, recently, was able to try one of them.

The main advantages? In my opinion, they are quite clear. Unless you are a Christian Gray and have an apartment of hundreds of square meters, having a room with those characteristics is not something available to most of us, and although I was, I don't know how funny it would be if one day I receive visitors, my brothers-in-law will find her by surprise.

But in your passing dungeon, for a few hours, you can play, experiment, and put into practice all those things that you have only seen on web pages or that you have read in erotic novels. The hygiene is impeccable, the space perfectly acclimatized, the maximum privacy and you always have the bathroom nearby , something that does not hurt in case at the last moment you feel like peeing on your nerves.

In addition to tantric armchairs, those specially designed to connect in 1001 different postures (I must admit that one of that style will enter my future house), I could try a swing . The swing is the ideal alternative to those who want to enter the bondage but have no idea how to make a knot.

The scene of people hung by ropes is probably familiar to all of us. As curious and attractive as it may seem at first, I am clear that, if it is not accompanied by an expert, I would not dare to try it. Luckily, the toy is designed to mimic the feeling safely and comfortably, it is the ideal alternative.

Although logically, the main course of this type of dungeon is usually the colts of domination or beds with rings. They are special padded furniture in which to tie and experiment is only limited by imagination .

Detriments? Few, perhaps the only one to highlight is the price , since these types of services leave for about 200 euros a night (I emphasize night because the check-in rates cover approximately 12 hours) and that they are usually hotels that, in general, do not They are a couple of metro stops from your house.

However, as a couple experiment, it has the highest score. In addition to being a novelty, it helps break the ice with these types of instruments . The limit between pain and pleasure is not the same for everyone and staying overnight in a place with these characteristics serves as a measure of the level of hobby you have for paraphilia. It can be either a discovery, the starting point or the confirmation that the path you had taken is the one you really like.


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  • What do you know about the BSDM hotel

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