10 Spookily Awesome DIY Halloween Crafts

Posted by on Oct 11, 2012

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10 Spookily Awesome Halloween Crafts

Halloween might be marketed primarily to kids, but it's always a hit with grown-ups because of one big reason: Halloween is the only holiday without any pressure. Yes, you'll always have that one person on the block that turns their home into a haunted house. But overall, if you have candy to hand out, you're golden. So enjoy the build-up to the spooky day with this collection of simple Halloween crafts. Most are a piece of cake, a few might require a little more attention. But all of them are a totally fun way to pass the time.

First up is this charming ghost garland, which requires really minimal effort. Simply cut out ghosts from paper (we think of them as giant comma shapes), draw on a few faces, then string up on ribbon.
For a more advanced take on this craft, visit frytopia.

halloween crafts featuring bunting
Halloween Garland, Another Way

Ghosts not your thing? Here's a festive take on bunting. Just use themed fabric or paper (on sale at most craft stores now) to create the flags, then stitch onto ribbon. You can go crazy with embellishments, but a simple "boo" will suffice.

Halloween crafts featuring ribbon wreath
Ribbon Wreath

This cheery wreath is much easier than it looks, though you will need a ton of ribbon. Since we're still in the weeks leading up to Halloween, you can probably find themed ribbon pretty inexpensively. We can't stress this enough though: More is better. To create: Wrap a flat foam wreath form with ribbon. Then, snip a pile of ribbon to 5" lengths. Next, loop the ribbon and glue the ends to the form with hot glue. Repeat until covered.
To get a closer look at this craft, visit Married To A BMW.
halloween crafts featuring edible monster decorations
Sweet Monsters

Another idea that's deceptively easy: Edible mini monsters. You don't even need fancy fondant, either. Just cover marshmallows with melted frosting (the kind that comes in a can), then add candy faces. If you want ghosts, just choose vanilla frosting; if you want Frankenstein monsters, tint it green with food coloring. 

Halloween crafts featuring embroidered candy corn
Stitched Candy Corn

Almost as sweet as the edible monsters, this wee candy corn man will perk up a treat bag (or a cloth cocktail napkin, if you're a fancy/whimsical hybrid type of person). Imperfection is a-okay in our book. Just draw on a candy corn design, adding an expression and limbs as you see fit. Then, stitch over the lines with embroidery floss. Want to get extra fancy? Try glow-in-the-dark floss. Yes, they do make it.
Halloween crafts featuring potato stamps
Potato Stamps

This idea, of course, is absolutely perfect if you find yourself entertaining lots of kids. Unfortunately, you'll have to do all the carving. On the bright side, carving a potato is much simpler than carving a pumpkin. All you have to do is slice it in half, then sculpt a design. Just forget the kitchen knives and use a craft knife instead. You can also make these the night before, keeping the stamps in the fridge, stored in a bowl of ice water.

Halloween crafts featuring DIY treat bags
Scrappy Treat Bags

Class Moms, listen up. You don't have to buy treat bags for the school party. Instead, upcycle grocery or lunch bags with this cute idea. Start by cutting the paper into squares, stitching each together on three sides. Then, glue on a felt "spider body," adding legs with a marker. Googly eyes are cute, but optional. We fully endorse the cyclops spider, seen here.

Halloween crafts featuring pumpkin pins
Halloween Badges

These pumpkin pins make great favors, while also giving you another opportunity to reduce your scrap pile. Make them by cutting out pumpkin shapes from orange felt, stitching them together (cotton filling is optional), then stitching or gluing on a brown felt face. A pin backing, added with hot glue, makes it wearable.
Halloween crafts featuring amigurumi pumpkin
Amigurumi Pumpkin

More advanced than stitching together a pumpkin from felt, but easy if you know how to crochet, this little guy is sure to bring a smile. Remember, keep your stitches tight and use a non-nubby yarn.
Oh and it gets cuter: Check out this free (though a donation is suggested) pattern from PlanetJune.
Halloween crafts featuring square Jack O
Plywood Pumpkins

How about a more rustic but entirely charming take on pumpkins? This "patch" starts out with a bunch of wood boxes (you can find them in the woodcrafting section of the craft store and sometimes at the hardware store) that are then customized with paint. You could carve out the expression, but paint is just as nice. For the final touch, tie the handle with raffia. Now you have a great holder for candy and other (wrapped) treats.

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