8 Beautiful Recipes for World Nutella Day

Posted by on Feb 04, 2012

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Nutella Croissant Bread Pudding

The Novice Chef


On February 5th, people around the world come together to celebrate a "condiment" loved by pretty much anyone who has a slice of bread and a sweet tooth — Nutella. Part chocolate, part hazelnut, all-Italian (Ferrero launched it in 1963), this spread graces grocery stores in over 75 countries. Show your respect for the 5th Annual World Nutella Day by indulging in one of these fancy Nutella recipes. 

nutella recipe, Nutella Croissant Bread Pudding
Nutella Croissant Bread Pudding

This is pretty easy but looks and tastes impressive, and it works for breakfast or dessert. You start by spreading Nutella in a halved croissant and chop it into 1/2-inch pieces. Layer the pieces in a baking dish and then prepare your custard mixture — which consists mainly of eggs, sugar and dairy. Pour over your Nutella croissant pieces and bake for an hour. Serve it up warm and you'll be praising Nutella for days.

Check out the recipe at thenovicechefblog.com.
Black Sesame and Nutella Macaroons
Black Sesame and Nutella Macaroons

This Nutella recipe is probably the most complicated of the bunch, but of course that makes it the prettiest and most likely to get oohs and ahs. For those unfamiliar with the metric system, be warned that it's in grams. You'll start by aging egg whites in the fridge. These will be combined with finely ground almonds, sesame seeds and sugar to make a meringue to be used as your macaroon shells. When you've finished baking the shells, it gets super easy. You just spread Nutella in between two pieces and you've got beautiful Nutella Macaroons.
Here are the step-by-step directions at whatsforlunchhoney.net.
Sweet and Spicy Bacon Coated with Nutella
Sweet and Spicy Bacon Coated with Nutella

Chocolate and bacon — a fine idea. Nutella and bacon? Genius! This sweet, spicy and savory recipe combines your favorite hot spices, sprinkled all up on that bacon and then baked in the oven to a crispiness of your liking. Grab a spatula and a jar of Nutella and spread liberally. Sprinkle with some sea salt and now your Nutella bacon is presentation ready.
Find the full set of directions at bellalimento.com.
Nutella No Bake Cookies
Nutella No-Bake Cookies

The recipe for these scrumptious cookies contains only two steps and seven ingredients. You combine the cocoa, milk, butter and sugar and bring to a boil. Then add your Nutella, some oatmeal and vanilla. Drop the mixture into rounded cookie shapes onto parchment paper and, once cooled, enjoy. So easy you'll be tempted to make them every week.  

Here's the recipe at myfabulousrecipes.com.
Rice and Milk with Nutella
Rice and Milk with Nutella

This post comes from Italy so you'll need to use a browser with a language converter such as Google Chrome. To help get you started, here's the basic recipe. Boil 50g of rinsed rice in 250ml of milk and a pinch of salt. Add 1 TB of sugar and 1/2 TB of powdered sugar. Then let the mixture rest for a minute until the liquid is absorbed. Layer with some Nutella and you've got a beautiful Italian dessert for two.
Nutella Truffles

To make these rich, nutty truffles, you'll only need some semi-sweet chocolate morsels, cream, Nutella and hazelnuts. You heat the first three ingredients in the microwave, whip them up with a mixer, chill and then roll into truffle balls. Toast up your hazelnuts and then roll your truffles in them, and you're done. It's such an easy process that you just might want to double it and take some into work on Monday.

You can find the recipe at half-bakedbaker.blogspot.com.
Nutella Cupcakes

This recipe upgrades the classic chocolate cupcake by stuffing the middle with Nutella and then topping with a homemade Nutella buttercream frosting. Just bake your favorite chocolate cupcake recipe, hollow them out or use an injector, and stuff with Nutella. Lastly, top with the easy-to-make buttercream Nutella frosting and you've got your extra nutty-chocolate cupcakes. You can make em' even prettier by topping each cupcake with a broken up hazelnut chocolate bar.

Here are the full directions at mybakingaddiction.com.
Salted Nutella Fudge
Salted Nutella Fudge

A true chocolate lover has a special relationship with fudge. Add Nutella and things just got complicated in a good kind of way. To make this delicious fudge recipe, you'll first need to acquire a double boiler or assemble one from stacking a mixing bowl above a saucepan of boiling water. Melt your buttery-chocolatey ingredients together, and then pour into a pan and let cool. Sprinkle with sea salt for added taste and presentation, and then cut into your desired-sized pieces.

Find the full recipe at toffeebitsandchocolatechips.com.

Make your love and affection official: Like the Nutella fan page and the World Nutella Day on Facebook. Want a cookbook and guide to Nutella? Here's the Unofficial Guide to Nutella.

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