Crafts Inspired by Sherlock Holmes

Posted by on Dec 08, 2011

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Who knew? Sherlock Holmes is not only sexy, but he's also rather crafty, too! Whether it's via jewelry, fabric (tweed, of course) or graphic-printed book pages, we've got the crafts that celebrate our favorite flatfloot.

sherlock holmes book purse
Going by the Book

Would Sir Arthur Conan be honored or dismayed at this clever upcycled book purse? Whatever. We're in love with it, and that's what counts here!
Get the free book purse tutorial from Instructables!
upcycled Sherlock Holmes capelet
A Good Sport

Sleuth in style with this upcycled Sherlockian capelet. This flirty number combines the black and white tweed of an old sport coat with electric blue satin, just what you need for taking down nefarious no-do-gooders.
Head to Lemon Cadet for the free upcycled capelet tutorial!
Sherlock Holmes Pipe Print
Piping Hot Prints

What the mustache has done for ironic-izing girly crafts, so Sherlock's pipe promises to do for book pages and artwork. You know what they say about a man with a big pipe, don't you? (Go with it!)
Buy your own pipe print via Wantaprint, or learn how to make your own Sherlock-inspired artwork from French Hen Farm.
Sherlock Holmes necklace
Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt

This Sherlockian silhouette modernizes the Victorian cameo while also adding some Baker Street charm to any detective's decolletage.
Buy the Sherlock Holmes necklace from Wiccan Style, or stop by Less-Than-Perfect-Life-of-Bliss for a clever silhouette jewelry tutorial! 
plaid red wool vest
The Red-Vested League

Tweed is to Sherlock as bad taste is to reality TV, and this clever plaid vest offers a modern (and classy) take on the Victorian waistcoat. Pair with a lace collar shirt for a sweet look, or nothing at all, for a little edge.
For a free vest sewing pattern, head to BurdaStyle!
john watson moustache coffee cozy
Watson, We Presume...?

The jelly to Sherlock's peanut butter, Dr. John H. Watson is the reason the rest of us ever know what Holmes is going on about. This felt coffee cozy offers a simple tribute to the master of disguise, or his mustache, at least. 
For a free felt coffee cozy sewing pattern, head to LittleRedSaid!
red check deerstalker hat
A Study in Scarlet

Protect that clever little head of yours with this DIY deerstalker, one of the most iconic of Sherlock's accoutrements.
Grab a free Sherlockian deerstalker sewing pattern from The Garret Corner!
Sherlock Holmes scrapbook embellishments
A Three-Pipe Problem

Ignore the craft store and instead head to your bookshelf for your latest scrapbook project. Printed on pages all about our favorite flatfoot, these pipes offer an ingenious decor for greeting cards and album layouts.

Sherlock Holmes spyglass
Eye on the Spy-glass

Whether it was an affectation or he was just horribly farsighted, our Sherlock would not be caught dead (or with the dead) without a spyglass. Customize this gumshoe goggle as a necklace, bookmark or even keychain, and then decorate it with a few tweed beads. (We're not sure they exist, but we think they'd look great.)
steampunk clock hat
Hats Off to Holmes

The top hat, a pinnacle of Victorian couture, gets an upcycled makeover as a unique steampunk clock.
Make your own, or, go to Instructables for a tutorial on making your own book clock!

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