The Best Videos for How to Make Homemade Soap

Posted by on Feb 12, 2015

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Looking for a way to make soap from the comfort of your own home or kitchen? Here we have the best videos for making homemade soap bars. Plus, a video tutorial on how to liquefy your favorite bar of soap. Think about keeping the soap for yourself or giving it as a beautiful handmade gift. Get crafty and clean with these informative, easy-to-follow and cool how-tos.

From the LifeBuzzN website comes this soap-making tutorial for beginners. The instructor is very reassuring and explains his process slowly and thoroughly for watchers to follow along. He even tests out his soap in a funny ending. Check out his YouTube channel for more DIY videos.


For a relaxing lavender soap how-to, check out this video from YouTube user geniusinexile. Her tutorial is very informative and factual, as she explains why she uses a certain amount of each oil or ingredient. Also, check out her blog, Wonder Grain Mill Wagon, for healthy and fun food.


To turn a bar into liquid soap, check out this homemade hand soap video. With an ingredients list and brief instructions included on the page, you can listen and read along as blogger Sandra Calixto explains her process. For more lifestyle tips and DIYs, go to Sandra's website the Sensible Mom or her YouTube channel.

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From Anne-Marie Faiola on her Soap Queen TV YouTube channel, this eco-friendly, natural soap will leave you green with soap-envy and love for the environment. To make this soap, you can buy a soap kit off her site. Check out more on her website and shop Bramble Berry and her blog Soap Queen.

To make a simple soap with a simple recipe, follow this tutorial for the step-by-step process from the Fimby blog. With lye, vegetable shortening and water, you'll be making beautiful soap in no time. Also, check out the Fimby YouTube channel for more tutorials and information on homeschooling.

From the cosmetic training provider Plush Folly, this video tutorial featured on VideoJug includes a transcript with which to read along. Don't get discouraged and just remember patience is key. You can even watch the video over and over again or access the transcript for a quick review to make this lovely soap. For more information on Plush Folly training and products, check out their website.

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