What's the best fabric for sewing an apron?

Posted by Stella Erinson on Nov 14, 2011
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I'm a beginner at sewing and want to make my very first project--an apron! But I'm overwhelmed when I go to the fabric store. Too many choices! What's a good fabric for an apron?

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  • by sew4my3
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    Quilting cotton works nicely. Cotton has always been the fabric of choice.

    If the fabric is too thick or heavy is can pull down at the neck and give you a pain in the neck (full length apron) and the extra layer of heavy fabric can get a little warm.

    No backing is necessary as it can add warmth and you may want to be "cool" when working in the kitchen.

    If you are making a half-apron, you may want to interface the waistband to make it more stable.

    The apron material needs to be something that is washable, that is why cotton is probably used more often. You want a fabric that will absorb easily, and cotton does that best. Some fabrics melt easily when in close contact with heat, notably nylon and some acrylics. If you can find any, you may want to try some linen. It is very close to cotton, being a plant material, and it just gets softer and softer with each washing and ironing. It will last you a long time.

    If you want a heavier fabric ? Cotton Duck fabric is still a cotton, but much thicker. Make sure you pre wash it before cutting out your pattern. Denim is another good cotton fabric to use for an apron. Also cotton twill.

    Happy sewing!

  • by craftfoxes
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    A nice quilting cotton would work best, and the colors are so great!